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Home Learning….

I’ve been learning, and I’ve been “being,” broken…over…and…over.

My significant learning this week was how “safe it felt” knowing I had the RIGHT theology on God/Jesus. I’m not sure I want to know that others have a passion for spiritual matters as much as me. But they do…so how do I reconcile this within my Spirit?

This year we have acquired 2 🐴 horses….our days have started at 7am-10:30 am stables, and we then start school at 12. As a girl I owned, raised, and showed Arabians; once you handle a horse for years, you never forget. Since I have experience and do not require the owners help, I was fortunate enough to get one horse leased for 150. a month and the other is free.

For our learning we will be studying horse anatomy in depth and horse illnesses with an emphasis on treating with herbs.

We start reading the Red Pony by Steinbeck Monday….my favorite Steinbeck story and I read it in high school when I did have horses.

If you ever need a scoby, please ask! It’s a shame how many I throw out.

Tomatoes have been growing by the dozens! So I’m turning them into sun-dried tomatoes.