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Breaking up, Listening to god, Dying to oneself….

My daughter next to the horse and her cousin. Navi was Olivia’s first horse she was given to care for and needless to say, Olivia is there almost daily! Some wise women at the stables have grown to love her and request often that Olivia ride with them. To my assistance, they keep a watchful eye on her and even help by bringing her home many evenings.

Spending large amounts of time outdoors is helping to heal my heart. My partner and I of 8 years have called it quits after 8 years of togetherness and 2 months of counseling.

I could have AVOIDED this whole thing by listening to my inner guide/gut/spirit. But I actually allowed it to continue by hiding my feelings.

We’ve been separate for about 6 months and he is now moving to North Carolina. Which is good because he lives on the next street from me and seeing him and his family drive back and forth is difficult! 🤪

The bottom line is we have 2 totally different world views. I choose never to go his way, and he will never go my way. Had we TALKED ABOUT THIS AND LEARNED ABOUT EACHOTHER before having such deep intimacy (which kept us together despite red flags) we would have gone out a few times and that would be all.


I attribute my JOY, which I define as a continual stream of love and holiness that runs through my being at all times, to Spirit. When I listen, when I commune, when I play with source/god/love I’m cultivating our relationship and there is NO HIGHER LOVE, NO HIGHER SPIRITUAL STATE than communing with divine love itself.

A partner is ✌🏽. But those who dance with the divine, know that you CANNOT RECEIVE *** ANY*** LOVE GREATER than being intimately acquainted with Spirit.

I am looking forward to ME! I am looking forward to relationships deepening with my kids. I am looking forward to listening to god (that’s where the deliciousness is!) and BEING ONLY PRESENT (I can now because I’m yielding to spirit). When I having nothing to worry or think about but “THE MOMENT” can you see how nothing but what is front of you is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING!?!?

I‘ve listened to Michael Singer’s LIVING FROM A PLACE OF SURRENDER about 8 times now. I even have a notebook full of just chapter 5 and 6 (the heart and its samscaras.) My kids are grown mostly, how I wish I would have known enough to instill this in my children. But I guess the best thing I can do is LIVE A SURRENDERED LIFE, and let my kids see, and feel, love in action.

All the great spiritual traditions/religions have so many things in common, but one truth they all have is in the dying to oneself, it is here we FIND LIFE. I want life and life more abundantly and I know you do too!

Be ENCOURAGED SISTERS! God/spirit/divine/energy…(title doesn’t matter)….LIVES WITHIN YOU. Energy lives within you. Energy cannot die, it only changes form. You WERE, before the world began. You WILL be forever.

Throw off the worries, fears and false stories of your upbringing and simply connect to what is ALREADY WITHIN YOU! It is there, waiting, beating, CRAVING to make love with you, to show itself real and for you! OPEN TO LOVE SISTERS! It is there inside of you! You need do nothing but practice this relationship by listening and being still. There is a place for instruction and studying but becareful of becoming so studious (my continual thorn) and neglecting experience which is the enlightening….the AHH HAA moments.

You are doing better than you think. ❤️