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Horse for Momma, Healing Samskaras….

Olivia was introduced to her first horse Navi about a year ago. She rode him standing up, sideways, and performed any tricks she could think of. Long story short, the owner revoked her riding privileges because people at the stables complained and the owner was afraid of repercussions. I get it.

But Olivia has a new horse, and I’m getting mighty tired of stall cleaning and reading a book while she rides. I called the owner of Navi and asked if “I could ride.” The owner said yes!

When Olivia heard the news of me riding “HER FIRST HORSE,” she cried. And then she said she just knew, “I would never think of such a thing.”

So, I did what a good mother would do. When we got to the stables I asked her if she would ride with me and she said, “NO!”

I went into Navi’s stall, put the bridal on, and hopped on his back while listening to the theme song for Heartland.

She pretended to ignore me as I jogged along the race strip, singing happily as a jay bird. This went on for about 10 minutes and then she came up alongside of me, and without a word joined her horse next to mine. We continued to ride almost an hour, talking and joking. HARMONY!

I said no words of pain, blame or shame. I wanted to.

Have you heard of samskaras? They are wounds or hurts stored in our heart that keep recirculating month after month and year after year because we have not allowed them to pass through. I’m new to this, but how I figure is I’ve got a real shit ton of them! 🤪

When our shakti or LIFE FORCE or Spirit desires to move and manifest, through deep joy and praise it rises from root, sacral, solar and descends from crown (god), 3rd eye, throat….BUT GETS STUCK IN THE HEART. Energy always keeps moving, and if we don’t release it, it keeps moving around in our heart in a circular pattern manifesting as sadness, anger, and whatever continuing problems and poor habits we have been dealing with.

For releasing, sometimes I just need to observe it and actually watch it leave without entering into the feelings. Sometimes I release by crying with tons of feelings, and that is fine to. But lately for me, I’ve found a GREAT CLOSURE for my releasing that feels like I’ve really let the person or issue go.

After I observe it leaving or cry relief after its leaving, then I PRAY FOR THAT PERSONS HIGHEST GOOD. Spirit is rejoicing, all of consciousness rejoices when we offer our heart felt desire for our brother or sisters good.

So much new thinking and renewing my mind to the fact, NONE OF US HAVE EVER BEEN DISCONNECTED FROM GOD. The only salvation we need is the saving from our illusion that we were ever separate. 🥰