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Working out, Bone Broth, Family, Practicing your Communion…

Pic of Olivia running in front yard acting like a horse. She has “jumps” set up throughout the front yard. I’m sure the neighbors aren’t too happy because our yard looks like Sanford and Son. But it makes me happy to see her playing, and it makes her happy to have momma enjoy her playfulness.

Girls reading in the morning. They read their individual books and we are currently reading Summer of the Monkeys as a family.

Beef Bone Broth that I simmer for 24 hours. Daily I drink 1/2 cup with all the extras!

If you are looking to grow muscle, but don’t want to go to the gym….look into the X3. My workouts now take 15-20 minutes MAXIMUM as opposed to 1.5 hours and the muscle gains are exponential! If you’re busy and you want a nice body, growing muscle is where it’s at! I did my research and decided X3 was perfect for me and it has proven worth it’s weight in gold. Sometimes I imagine what my body could look like if I was serious! 😜. But I’m not serious and the X3 still delivers (but I’m the one still lifting the bar!) The trick to the X3 is doing each rep slow and going to FAILURE. Which is harder than ANY workout I’ve done in the gym.

My lunches consist of salads from my garden and a can of sardines. The crackers are my raw flax crackers which are flax, bellpeppers, onions, and cilantro, popped in dehydrator for 10 hours at 115.

I‘ve been keeping noises to a minimum. Desiring to hear birds, wind chimes, neighbors talking, and kids laughing rather than music or a podcast.

When it’s no noise input I find I am clear, tuned in and can hear what spirit is pointing to. I crave to be in alignment. I hate feeling shitty. But there is no way to stop this feeling from approaching.

And when I discovered that this shitty feeling was my body’s internal warning system, rather than pushing it away I am learning to welcome it and THANK IT. There is no way to stop this warning system and I’m so glad there is NOT a button to turn this off! For this warning system is saving our life EVERY DAY. This warning system tells which way to move and when and how.

May I, we,……start seeing, knowing, touching, smiling, talking, encouraging, complimenting ONE ANOTHER. To walk in gratitude, thanking all our hands touch, thinking ONLY ON WHAT WE WANT TO MANIFEST….will bring a new level of joy. How can there not be joy and appreciation when we find ourselves in the present?

Sometimes I feel out of sorts. Sometimes I don’t know how I feel as I experience sadness, longing, difficulty, and even despair.

My constant mantra to get me thinking right has become “THINK ONLY WHAT YOU WANT.” Do I want want to be alone the rest of my life or do I want a partner? Then why would I think “alone thoughts!” That is only summoning god to give me more of that “alone with no partner“ thoughts. But if I can imagine what it would feel like, hear like, see like, taste like,… be in a growing relationship then I am summoning “thriving relationship thoughts” which brings me more of what I’m thinking and feeling.

We are ALWAYS attracting. We are bringing to us either good things or unwrlcomed things by the power of our thoughts. Where energy flows, energy grows and increases or enlarges that thing we are thinking on.

We got this Momma’s! We have the universe supporting us, meditation/prayer as a gift to still and quiet us that we may be open hear. Take advantage of meditation, praising, honoring, stretching, whatever you do to become awareness that you are not your mind or body, but rather spirit in a physical sack.

Sometimes I don’t feel encouraged…I suppose this is true for all of us at times. I have found, and you will too, that going off to a quiet place (often) is enrichment for your soul. It is here we are bathed in encouragement, friskiness, love, joy and every good thing. Practice OFTEN….even Jesus had to slip off to be alone and pray. What a teacher he was to us, extending “the way of love” so that we could freely extend this grace to all whom we come in contact with. ❤️