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Give Thanks, Be Kind, Spread Love…

Long ago….I was married to a man who was highly religious and physically lazy. Not too long ago I was coupled with a man who had no zeal for things of god but was physically vivacious.

So, here I am, back at home with my 6 out of 7 kids (1 lives on her own.) The picture of this wall is one of the first displays one will see. This is my practice, (although I’m pretty sucky at it sometimes.)

A right decision I made. LIFE has become AGAIN, nothing less than eager ALIVENESS. My palms sweat and my heart races in anticipation for the coming day.

After my divorce 9 years ago, Spirit would wake me in a state of sheer bliss. I remember laying in bed, blankets of various colors, sizes and materials surrounding me. As I laid there, deep inner peace and contentment beckoned me to imagine the possibilities of the day. Within minutes my knees would pull up and push down the quantity of covers that were now too hot to endure. Laying in bed IMAGINING the deliciousness of all that could happen and would happen for the coming day was the cause for my palms sweating and heart racing.


Experiencing Jesus has been my quest for the last 40 years. I liken our relationship to the Song of Solomon….we play together, run together, act goofy together and share our love together.

When I was in Bible school, peers would be arguing over god and right and wrong theology and I would be outside to escape the chaos in the beautiful garden just outside our classroom.

One day, as the voices flaired I stepped outside, slowly sliding the glass door that lead out to the patio. When asked why I had left I announced, “I don’t want to argue about god, I want to experience him.”

I’ve always been a black sheep in religious circles; shunning talk of who’s in and who’s out, what behaviors should be followed in order to be a true believer, rather than to talk about love herself.

….And There Was Light by Rocco A. Errico is a book I am currently studying because my desire to know the Near Eastern Aramaic speaking Shemite (and many in the western church think Jesus was white and “American”) we call Jesus, is a continual thirst for me.

I want to be satisfied in my truth of MY path. My path and my truth look different from you dear sister. AND THAT IS OK. Although we have come to different conclusions can we not share in our findings with utter excitement, can we not shed tears over divine impartations, can we not not agree to disagree with deep honor for the other?

While we won’t all agree on WHO Jesus was, we can all, probably ever human on this planet, agree on the profitability of his teachings.

And with this can we be content?

Dear Sister….YOU ARE CONNECTED TO CREATOR. Every human is ALREADY CONNECTED. Sit with Spirit. Breastfeed your baby while you contemplate Spirit. Groan and cry with Spirit. Laugh and giggle with Spirit. Listen to Spirit. There is nothing you need to be or do in order to connect….just be in your moment….you and it. Pour out your heart. You will be satisfied.