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These journal entries are for my kids at some point. They are relationally and sexually explicit. All humans (most anyway) will engage in relationships with others for friends or mating. My parents were never open about how relationships go….they didn’t know.

I still don’t know, as I have very few older woman friends and the ones I do have are much too modest for such topics.

BUT EVERY WOMAN I talk to, seems to be struggling in at least one area of her life. Living relationally with our mate, seems to be one of our greatest joys or sorrows.

I am sharing with my sisters because I do not know, and I struggle with MANY areas of my life. I wish I had an older wiser woman to talk with, but for now, I am honored to share what works and what doesn’t work for me. In no way is my information correct or right. Every woman will find her own path and the right way for her.

My intention is to share my REAL LIFE shit….all of it. When I can share and be vulnerable, it makes room for all of us women to share our struggles with the next woman at the deepest level. ❤️