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A Baby, Creating, Horses, and a Weee Bit of Encouragement…

2 sisters experiencing really….the unfolding of their desires being made manifest. I used to call it miracles of Jesus. Now I call it….I’m not sure what I call it! 😜 But I’m teaching me and my girls that spending time meditating, opening your heart to love, and letting the Divine move in, through, and out of you, is a step into the field where miracles happen. Although we don’t NEED miracles…it’s not the “thing” we go after; but how can you stop miracles from happening throwing yourself at the feet of love! Miracles are just a by-product I guess.

When I was a young lady, Spirit (I called it Jesus then) moved and walked with me. We played together, laughed together, and experienced the supernatural together while I prayed and worshipped.

Now I’m experiencing physical manifestations of acquaintances who don’t believe in Jesus and they are receiving what they are asking and needing for.

But how can this be? I’m not sure I want to know this. It’s quite uncomfortable because I feel much better knowing I’m in the “right group.” But it seems, there is no right or wrong group, only ONE group. And this is very unsettling. And very liberating.

My oldest daughter had a baby. Wyatt is 1.5 months old and is the cutest thing. Anyway, she chose to do Meth throughout her pregnancy. She asked if I would take baby and I said no and advised my ex husband to do the same, but he wanted otherwise.

Hanna was raised in a bullshit religion that taught her to not educate herself, but rather get married young, your value is in your pussy (I mean virginity), and you must have lots of kids and submit in all things to your husband, NO MATTER WHAT.

With an upbringing like that, it really is difficult to pull out. Not to mention being able to navigate thereafter with even a bit of accuracy.

My encouragement to Hanna was to adopt her baby in an open adoption. She has no place of her own, no job and no money.

I told her to use the next season of her life to GET SOBER, start her business, start saving money, get her own place, gather with friends doing healthy activities, meditate, save, and take classes that interest you! In 5 years, maybe sooner, universe will bring her a partner and maybe, well, we can see what happens.

Moms, ugh! 😔. The journey can be discouraging at times. I know this in my own life.

We can never love greater than we feel. If you‘re feeling down, what do you have to meet your kids with? They come to us with unbridaled energy and when we greet them, if we greet them with our lack, they feel and take that on themselves.

But moms….we can go in a different direction. I‘ll share more later on what I’ve learned and am still learning.

The girls are loving their horses! What therapy for them, as well as me. Mostly for me.

I am healing every one! I’ve made so many tiny steps forward, and not as many back. For a while (years) I took 20 steps backwards and only 2 forward. But Mommas….there is SO MUCH LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL! You must think and imagine on that. How does this light work in your life? It’s there! Spirit lives inside of you. Spend time with it. 🥰. You are doing better than you think!