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Tending to Shannon...

“And your partner is strong enough not to mind this affair one bit. In fact, it makes them love you all the more. What is more alluring than a woman enflamed by desire for the Holy One?” Mirabia Starr-Wild Mercy

Often times, my relationship with my partner can be frustrating. As I ponder, “How can I deepen our bond? 🤪” I am reminded that I can only do what Shannon is beckoned to do. In my case, I am still working from a patriarchal templet which inhibits me from practicing my truth.

I am attached to a man who is quiet, and even more so, quiet of his zeal for God. Since I was a young child I could only see God everywhere I went. I see god in a leaf, the breeze as it brushes my cheeks, the smallest grain of sand, and my sacred bleed. My partner sees god not as often.

My longing to commune and play with Creator is embedded deep within my soul. When my partner lacks, Great Mystery fills to overflowing and provides what my man cannot. I guess this is a good thing for him and me. For my partner, it is good because it takes some of the burden off him always trying to please me. Us women are creatures of extraordinary w a n t i n g. We want more talking, more play, more laughter, more listening, more peace, more depth, and more foreplay. I'm not sure any man can provide 100% of a woman's wantings, so we do well to rely on the never ending bounty from our god.

Night calls my partner to sleep early, and night calls this Momma to tuck her kids in, and then God calls me to play in dance. If I desire to improve our relationship, I have found the quickest, and most effective method is to TEND TO SHANNON. When I tend to my alignment (or relationship) with Creator, somehow, my man is abundantly satisfied and happy. What man can turn away from a woman who finds her absolute completeness tied to her relationship with the divine? As my partner's heavy eyes fall with slumber, his heart is delighting and relishing watching me move my body to the music that speaks of my passion for the Holy One. He does not mind my affair one bit. He actually highly honors my connection. For he knows when I am connected, I am better for me, the children and of course, for him.