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Our Winter Home, dumpster diving, Love in all...

Pieces of natures handiworks are brought inside. Life in all forms, even dried and withered, produce delight in us humans.

Our usual breakfast. I eat eggs while the girls eat tempeh for our protein. We both eat chips, salsa, guac and sour cream. I'm being very honest when I say we eat the same for dinner but substitute eggs and tempeh for beans and rice. It hasn't changed in 30 years. It is funny when my kids complain of the "same meals." Sick of my food, they go out for Mexican food....go figure.

Baking from Pioneer Woman, the girls made Apple Dumplings served with French Vanilla ice cream.

My little west facing sun room that looks out to my garden, meditation deck, jacuzzi and compost tumbler. All furnishings were free or cheap from alleys, side of roads or garage sales. This carpet was found by a trash can in an upscale neighborhood on trash day....from West Elm. I swear to you, I've been wanting rugs, just for these rooms. But I won't pay, even though I can. I take high pleasure storing and desiring things in my heart and allowing them to manifest when they do.

This is an 8x10 West Elm that is folded in half because it is so large. Notice how it matches my existing bed spread. Creator never ceases to amaze me. She will amaze you too, if you give her your time, attention, and heart. This rug was 1k.

Cody Deese over at Vinings Lake Church podcast has been walking and teaching a series on Religious Trauma. He like myself, has been raised in evangelical fundamentalism, and while still loving Jesus, we are learning that perhaps we have taken a hostile stand on "who's in" and "who's out" of our tribe. What if we are "all" in the tribe? What if the spirit of the living God, lives in ALL humans? What if we could embrace those of other belief systems with the compassion, honor, and love as if we are all on the same playing one better than the next? Can we of different systems listen and talk with one another without fear? Can we begin to consider that maybe Creator made "them" too and loves "them" just as much as "us?" Is is possible that there is no "us" or "them" and we are all graced and loved by god? Is it possible for a Muslim and Christian to hold fast to their beliefs while making room to embrace his brothers belief system with honor, compassion, love, and respect?

Thank you Cody, Rob Bell, Brian McLaren, Richard Rohr, and Cynthia Bourgeault for putting plainly in words, that which I have not been able to articulate. Thank you Spirit....everywhere I go I see you! My dead fern, is sprouting with life, and you are there. At Dog Beach, you are there in the conversations and laughter of all races and genders....Dog Beach is my sanctuary and I thank you for bringing me here.Thank you Spirit for Patricia Polacco books, for she has opened my eyes far beyond what I could have seen myself. Thank you Spirit for LOVE. Love was a thing I used to have because I was a christian. Now I see Love/Spirit/God/Source in everything.....In every person, you are there. My soul will always be grateful for this love, I cannot remove myself from this love, everywhere I go, every encounter I have, love is there and I honor this universal christ, this universal love that is in ALL.