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This is a prayer* from A Course in Miracles. I have turned it into my mantra in which I repeat at least once an hour.

I repeat this when my 10 yog calls her 14 yos a butthole. I repeat this when none of the kids have done their chores to my expectations. I repeat this as The Drifter comes to my gate looking for someone to talk to. I repeated this when the Wi-Fi huge stupid box fell on my head, and my first reaction was to pull it out of the wall and smash it, but the words “I’m here to represent LOVE” reminded me I can choose another path. I repeated this when someone rinsed broken glass down the garbage disposal and as I shoved my hand in, not knowing, and did my nightly clean. I wanted to yell like I have in the past “WTF!?!?! Really?” But that doesn’t represent LOVE either.

We are here to represent God or Love. The prayer* in ACIM actually doesn’t say “LOVE,” but sometimes I have a hard time with the word god and so I figure she wouldn’t mind me calling him/her/it or love.

This way of being helpful is complete surrender. I’ve not been able to surrender because I’VE CREATED IDENTIFICATION WITH MY MIND!

“I need you to change, and this to change, and it to change, SO THAT I CAN FEEL BETTER!” Complete insanity! And that is what I’ve taught my kids and didn’t even know it.

So I’m not doing any oral teaching for a while. Actions speak louder than words. As life presents me with wanted and unwanted, may Love and my children see their Momma surrendering to situations with GLADNESS and a giving up of preferences.

Do you practice gratitude Momma? Have you ever felt like the shits? Just down and crappy? Let me ENCOURAGE you to TURN YOUR MOOD AROUND IN 30 seconds! Throughout the day here and there when I wanna get that ”head change,” I go not to a smoke, not a beer, not food, but rather gratitude. My gratitude rampages sound like this….

”Thank you, thank you, thank you! I slept last night! I have a bed that’s uncomfortable, but at least it’s a bed and I snuggle up every night to a soft and silly 10 yog. I have running water. I thank you god for my garden! I thank you for my kids! I thank you for my job. I thank you god I can sing to you. I thank you Jesus you love to PLAY and be SILLY with me and you’ve never condemned or even been upset with me. I thank you for shampoo. I thank you for money! I thank you I’ve never had more money in my life than I do right now and I thank you I can take my kids out to eat once in a while and do fun things here and there! I thank you that all my needs are truly meet! I mean my bed might be uncomfortable, and I don’t own a car yet….but who’s bent out of shape over that? I AM THANKFUL for LOVE! I feel love, I walk in love. The more I walk in love, it just seems the more my needs are met. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!”

If you don’t do “god talk” or believe in a higher power….you are NOT AT ALL AT A DISADVANTAGE!

My sister, Thank Love, Thank Spirit, Thank Love and Spirit which IS YOUR VERY BEING! Thank YOURSELF for being available and present!!!

Life is good. ❤️