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Stay Aligned and let things fall where they may....

I am with a man whom I'm not sure if I should be with. It's seems that I should know, and perhaps I do, or am I lying to myself? Am Iistening to whom? My mind, my soul, god, or other people?

My partner really has NOTHING to do if I stay or go. The truth is, ***I*** have everything to do with this decision.

When I get that awful, sick, depressed feeling....that is me being disconnected from who I am. Who I am is playful, silly, sweet and engaging. My man is an Alpha entrepreneur, highly driven, knows work only and not much more.

I have created and put in my vortex, a version of my man (my desire) who is an Alpha, but also knows how to drop down, feel, be silly, and playful. When I feel that yucky feeling inside of me, it is only because I have departed from what I already created, for god will not go with me to the yucky places, but rather beacons me back to the man I have created.

The remedy is NOT counseling, reading a relationship book, or nagging. I've done private counseling, read 1000 books, and pleaded...none helped.

Remedy seems to be staying in alignment with creator. When I stray it doesn't feel too good....actually it feels HORRIBLE! And when I am listening to my soul, I'm as high as the courses through my veins and praise falls from my lips.

I can't stray anymore from Shannon. And this is my answer. :)

Jokingly I talk with god and say often, "If you can get me through this, there is nothing we can't get through." And how YOU FEEL Sister, is your indicator of whether or not you are doing what you should be doing.... or not. We don't have to worry about breaking up or ending relationships...we just have to STAY UP TO SPEED or STAY IN ALIGNMENT with what we have already created. Our relationships with those around us will either fall away or they will catch up.

Dear Sister....know that you are NOT ALONE. Since the divorce of my marriage and religion I have felt so very alone and isolated. In this last week alone, I've had 4 women open their heart and share their deep sorrows and sufferings and guess what??? WE ALL HAVE THE SAME HURTS AND STRUGGLES, but we have no idea we are suffering because WE DON'T TALK about real shit. We talk about stupid shit like the weather, our new shoes, and the current state of our relationship. We should be crying, sharing, listening, worshipping, encouraging, and laughing. This is WHY WE WERE CREATED....To LOVE at depths so deep we can only point to these experiences and call them nothing less than divine.

the above pics are garlic and eggs from my yard and my daughter Sophia with her horse she is taking care of. Can you see creator in the garlic, eggs, horse and human? How can these pieces of "god" draw us into a richer AWE and sense of worship? THIS DIVINE HAND is EVERYWHERE!