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Sisterhood at 50

Fall begs us women to bring parts of her adornment indoors. This morning over a glass of kombucha, I sat at my dining table marveling as the wind gently blew her leaves back and forth casting shadows across room. This easy and free craft was afforded to all my children as babies. We would go out into the neighborhood, pick colorful leaves, press them for a few days, knot the stems to strips of old cloth, tie to twine, and hang in the window. I would lay the naked babies on the sheepskin as the filtered sunlight brushed its warmth along their tiny body's.

Still making kombucha. This is from my last batch of strawberry infused kombucha and topped with cayenne and berries.

Winter Immune Boost. Raw honey, organic garlic, organic lemon juice, and a cabbage leaf to reduce oxygen in order to start fermentation. DIVE in Mommas and start your own herbal pantry. Creating concoctions, for me, fulfills this intense longing to create with living plants. I had departed for several years from herbal folk medicine while my energy was poured into healing and recovering from my mental health issue. Religious Traumatic Syndrome.

My first 4 kids received constant healthy nourishment through high protein and high raw foods. When they did fall sick, to the herbal cabinet we'd go in search of the best tincture, rub, and tea.

Part of my healing from RTS is communing with god by practicing habits that have brought me the greatest joy, and, one of them has been interacting with nature. From mincing garlic, to starting seeds, gathering eggs, pulling greens from the garden....anything where the breathe of spirit is, that is where I crave to dwell.

Today I was very frustrated at myself, and my 9 yog. I expalined to her, "I am very angry at you, and myself..but mostly at me. I just need to cool down a bit....I'll let you know when I'm ready." So she sat in the back seat and of the car cried.

I think our children naturally crave to dwell where their parents are. I thought of god and how this love ALWAYS creates a habitate of comfort for me to rest in, and how I will try to do the same more often for my kids.

Lisa, Heather and I have been friends for about 30 years. We meet as young moms, homemakers and submissive wifes to our husbands. We are a little older, still homemakers, fuck that bullshit of submitting (we expect a partnership, rather than patriarchy) and we drink a little wine. These sisters joined me in celebrating my 50th. The best part of my birthday was expressing a desire to gather more consitently in order to share our deep longing for our sisterhood and friendship. Never in history have humans been so connected, and yet, we have never been so alone. Social media has deceived us, having us think we are communing with one another when truly, we are not. We are now intrenched in an age of loneliness.

May us women spend more time gathering together. Sharing our sorrows, pains, shortcomings, difficulties in realationships, and our joys as well. May we encourage one another in holy communion with spirit, however that looks. May we be quiet, not offering opinions or words but only our witnessing, and supportive presence.

I've not been a very good friend. I've been a judgemental bitch often. Religion teaches you this. How to think you are doing better than your fellow sister. How to think "you" are walking in righteousness when that very thought alone is contrary to the nature of love. But I am learning....we are ALL learning. Be gentle on yourselves are doing better than you think.