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Making a deal with myself to reveal, write it, and push publish, is what I intend to do. I need to sleep 8 hours, cut the crap, and say it plainly.

Momma’s been pre-occupied with her partner, lost touch of her kids and her passion and she’s created a fine kettle of fish….or a bit of fuckery, same thing.

On my 51st bday last month I moved out for the 3rd time.

“Women think men will change, and they don’t. Men think women will never leave, and they do.” This isn’t my quote, but it should be, I’m always blabbing it off but can’t seem to adhere to it myself.

Here’s another one…(thanks Dom from The Great Man Within Podcast.) “Never have sex with anyone who’s tv is larger than their bookshelf.”

Hanna my oldest, has 5 months under her belt of meth sobriety. Sophia my 14 yog hasn’t cut in about the same time I decided to listen to my gut, Spirit, creator, intuition, god, energy…… and line up with the person I have created.*

When I am in a situation that I don’t like, I quickly understand what I WOULD like. Contrast causes me to see both and know which I would prefer.

Since I divorced and left my religion almost 9 years ago, I have come to quite specific ideas of what I want in life.

I’ll finish this tomorrow or in a few days.

* Hanna and Sophia gladly (honest, they gave it gladly!) gave me permission be so honest about their addictions.

Me, breastfeeding my grandson Wyatt.

My wise-woman goddess sister Alice Infelise told me she used to nurse her grand babies when they got fussy for mom. It’s not that we have milk, they are not hungry, they got milk from a bottle. But the comfort and warmth baby gets from being held to the breast, as gma sings, dances and strokes their beautiful heads….who cannot see god in this?