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No god needed.

What do I have for my fellow sisters that will lift you up and ENCOURAGE you?

I’m a thankful person. I’ve always been. But I am taking stock of my life and I know why things aren’t working out for me.

I’M NOT TRULY CONVINCED that GRATITUDE is the KEY to life’s blessings chasing me down.

When Mikayla had a flesh eating yeast infection that lived in the warm places of her body (neck, underarms, leg folds, belly button, and yoni) I took her to an herbalist and homeopath and nothing worked. I took her to a dr., and his medication wouldn‘t work. NOTHING WORKED.

So I decided to trust Jesus. My faith was FREAKING CRAZY….I WAS SOLD THAT MIKAYLA WOULD BE HEALED AND THAT WAS THAT. All throughout the day I’d visualize her new skin, I’d sing thankful songs, I’d be so kind and loving to all my kids. LIFE WAS AMAZING AGAIN because my VIBRATION was that of a FULLY PERSUADED WOMAN and LOVE and GRATITUDE flowed from my being. My belief that Mikayla was ALREADY healed, wouldn’t be shaken despite the evidence otherwise.

Guess what? You know it. I threw the medicine away and just became GRATEFUL, visualized, sang, and gave thanks. I don’t remember how many days her healing manifested after I decided to become serious….I wanna say I think it was only a couple days.

One morning we woke and Mikayla had NEW SKIN ALL OVER HER BODY.

When I stood in gratitude and full assurance of faith, it worked every time. When I doubted, when I wavered, I failed every time and had no results of my desire.

Do you Momma need some assistance, some help? You don’t have to claim Jesus, you don’t have to have the right religion or belief system.


No longer is health, finances, and thriving relationships a thing of correct belief systems.

A small remnant of wise women and men throughout history in all religions and thought systems knew this….GRATITUDE IS THE KEY TO AN ABUNDANT LIFE. Nothing else is required, no right god to pray to, no formula to buy, no group to belong to….ONLY GRATITUDE.

May you women sit and spend time writing down ALL you are grateful for….that’s what I’ve been doing the last couple of weeks every morning and often throughout the day! People often do vision boards of “what they want” in the future. I decided to start by making a vision board of “what I already have” and being fully THANKFUL for these things. As I wash dishes, blow dry the girls hair (they can do it themselves, but I’m uping my mothering because I am GRATEFUL for my blessings!) or any cleaning of the home….thankfulness and songs are flowing from my mouth! I’m kissing my girls throughout the day, and I’m writing love letters to them pointing out all their assets.

GRATITUDE not only FEELS AMAZING, but it MULTIPLIES, it snowballs and grows and gets all over the kids, and pets, and plants, and strangers wherever you go smile and you smile back, things are seeming to work out well for you throughout your days. You truly begin to move from defeat, ugliness, and poverty to Beauty, Bounty and Bliss.

Keep your religion, keep your god, but it’s not necessary. The only needful and necessary requirement is keeping a heart of GRATITUDE. ❤️