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My house may be small and a bit run down….but it’s a shining LIGHT on a hill! ❤️

My Alter. Special symbols that remind me of who I am, have been, and will become.

A small metal house that has a ❤️ cut out in the door. When I put a candle in it, all the windows and heart are illuminated, just like my being. The candle 🕯 holder with mala beads. I often turn off lights and when my girls meditate with me, they say moving the beads through their fingers helps them stay present. Dried flowers from my garden remind me of how I am connected to growing things. The picture of momma with baby inside of her speaks of a time when mothering and being pregnant was my greatest joy! A wooden cup of sand represents friskiness and wholeness that come over me when I’m at the beach. A lotus flower to burn my incense reminds me of my connection to source. Encouragement cards from my SIL when I need an uplifting word. Sage to purify and start anew (I‘m burning this a lot!!) A salt lamp to shine brightly. A picture of the lover of my soul. A mouse reading a book candle holder from my mom, which represents my love for books given to me by my mom and dad.

Do you have an alter Momma? I know when I first heard of an “alter” it was wayyyyy too out there for me. But then I remembered the Old Testament priests….they had a million rituals and quite a few tangible symbols to help them remember and not forget.

We are priests of our home. We are showing our kids the way and how to walk in it, however that looks for you. ❤️