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Music, Love, Horses, The Holy Instant….

A Course In Miracles has a beautiful practice called the Holy Instant.

Frustration felt in a SECOND, is transformed into RELIEF as a smile appears on your face.

Olivia has 3 stalls to clean and 2 horses to ride, which can’t happen in 3 hours unless I help clean 😏. I noticed my bad attitude right away, but still entertained it for about 10 minutes.

That “yucky” low vibe feeling means I’m not in alignment with god or with what LOVE would have me do. In that second (the second after feeling like crap for 10 minutes) I said, “Spirit, please help me to see this differently!” And I SWEAR I was DANCING in horse poop, SO GLAD for a chance to CHANGE, so THANKFUL that god has created a way of RELIEF!

You see the pain, the hurt, the anger, it’s never the situation that presents itself, it’s always our perception. ALWAYS, always and always. I swear this wasn’t so at first, it was usually the other person or the circumstance. But as I am re-learning spiritual ideas and drawing close to the divine, my PERCEPTION is changing! What a marvelous thing it is! And how it is blessing me and my inner workings along with my children. My mantra I repeat throughout the day is “I am here only to be truly helpful, surrendering to every moment, doing the will of love who sent me.” When I’m tempted to blow my top, or judge another, the first part of the mantra “I AM HERE ONLY TO BE TRULY HELPFUL” reminds me quickly of my totality as Spirit and what I am here for. And what is there greater than moving in LOVE? ❤️

Do you know I almost flew over the cuckoos nest? After suffering so many years with RTS (religious traumatic syndrome) I am PULLING UP and pulling up quite fast as I have seemingly found the last few pieces of “my” puzzle, at least for this stage in my life! Truly, I have come right back to the place I first started when I was 10. That was when I first met this Great Mystery that caught me as I feel off my roof, onto the cement, only to have 2 hands felt under my arm pits and gently place me on the ground. From that point on I felt a “someone” BEING with me and we communed like lovers.

This continued when I became a Christian at age 18 and I called this Great Love Jesus. 33 years later and no longer a Christian*, this Great Mystery and I still play and commune like lovers. It/he/she has NEVER LEFT ME. This Great Love is in ALL OF US! Every human has this Spirit within herself! From my most recent studies of Quantum Physics (which is QP for dummies) coupled with my years of Bible study and studying other thought streams, I‘d go so far as to say YOU and I, ARE THE “I AM.” That sounds like blasphemy to even myself, but I can’t deny the facts as I see them.

I’ve always been a worshipper of god most of my life, in church as well as at home. Going through RTS, I didn’t know who I was worshiping or why, but I continued to feel a deep desire to prostrate myself and lift my hands and sing to god! When I came across Satsang, Ajeet Kaur, Trevor Hall and Tubby Love, I knew instantly who I was singing to and why. I bought a mridangam drum 🪘 and now I go to the beach a couple times a week with and without my kids and create my own Satsang. Sometimes people talk to me about what I’m doing, and sometimes my kids ask, “Are you going to be singing?” But they usually only question me if there are cute guys around or if they are intending to bring their friends. 🤪

But I am not embarrassed anymore. I am the light. You are the light, and we should never hide our light because of what others may think. We have L O V E to share and I’ve never sensed a time in my life when the desperation and loneliness to find love or SOMETHING to hope in is SO GREAT as it is now.

The GOOD NEWS is that there is NOTHING outside of ourself that will bring us relief. Spirit/god/source/divine is ALREADY WITHIN US just WAITING FOR US TO TAP into this stream of LIVING WATER! Talk about quenching your thirst! Our brothers and sisters EVERYWHERE need to hear the GOOD NEWS OF SALVATION which is waking up from the illusion that we were ever in need of saving because WE HAVE NEVER BEEN DISCONNECTED FROM THIS GREAT LOVE! We are ALL CONNECTED, we are all children of Love/divine, and we are all brothers and sisters!

Olivia (in the above pic) has saved 400. over the last 3 years and I took her to Thrifty Horse 🐴 where she spent her money on used english tack and a saddle too for only 320.! In Southern California that’s a steal, but I call it GRATITUDE to Universe! She now has 3 horses to care and ride for, and as she continues to be diligent and faithful in her horse studies and at the stables, she will be given more. That’s spiritual law.

Life is good! And even when it doesn’t “appear” to look good, we remember to break through the illusion by REMEMBERING who we are and what is ours. If we can’t believe, if we forget, (and I do forget and I do shake in my boots sometimes!) we get OUT OF OUR HEAD, drop down into our heart, open it wide and allow love to flow through song, dance and gratitude. SO MANY WAYS to REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE, so many practices! BUT THE BOTTOM LINE IS….you NEEDN’T GO ANYWHERE OR DO ANYTHING BECAUSE GOD ALREADY LIVES INSIDE OF YOU. You’ve just got to OPEN YOURSELF UP AND BELIEVE. (Yea….sounds easy and cutesy, but when you‘re going through the dark night or dark YEARS of the soul, it’s the HARDEST THING you will ever do in your life!) BUT SO FREAKING WORTH EVERY SECOND! And….if you, unlike me, will listen and YIELD QUICKLY, rather than holding on….you might get through that dark night, in 1 night! 🥰

YOU ARE LOVE my sister! ❤️

* I don’t call myself a Christian anymore, but I am not in anyway opposed to Christianity, rather I find labels and titles to be restricting and not reflective of WHO WE TRULY ARE….we are ONLY LOVE.