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Honey....almost as sweet as our connection to the divine....

In sacred writings, honey represents abundance and overflow. Our bees recently gave us a little overflow for our physical bodies'. God, Divine, Creator, Source gives to us overflow on a second by second basis. What I understand at this moment (our discerning should always be evolving contrary to what we have be taught in religion) is that Divine is in me. Divine resides in EVERY PERSON on this earth. Not every person is aware that they have access and are able to cultivate this union. By putting aside time to spend with this GREAT LOVE through singing, praying, meditating, or observing nature while in its midst, is the way I grow my relationship. WHEN DO YOU FEEL GOD'S LOVE? What practice works best for you?

"When we are at peace, when we are not fighting it, when we are not fixing and controlling this world, when we are not filled with anger, all we can do is start loving and forgiving. Nothing else makes sense when we are alone with God. All we can do is let go; there's nothing worth holding onto, because there is nothing else we need. It is in that free space, I think, that realignment happens." Richard Rohr

Richard is one of the greatest spiritual teaches of this time. This Fransiscan Priest has taught me about inclusion and universal love, teachings that were deemed false in Christianity. Make no mistake...Jesus was adamant about topics such as universal love and inclusion...He showed us HOW by being the example himself. It is the religious institute (man) that teaches us love only for those who belong to "our group" but NEVER Jesus, Jesus is ALL INCLUSIVE and isn't that GOOD NEWS!

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Dear Sisters....Often daily life can be lonely, especially with young ones amidst your feet and constantly on your boobs! Know that in these times of sitting and breastfeeding, or changing diapers or chasing toddlers....your CONNECTION to source is ON, ACTIVE and waiting to love you up. This connection is called many names and rather than just Holy Spirit, I also call it energy, love, god, and source. Call upon it. Cry out to it. Open your heart to this love and snuggle up into this expanse of warmth and tenderness. You are LOVED Sister! You are doing better than you think.