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Crazy Momma, Home, Breasts….

My nights back at home have been nothing less than bliss. The days are often crazy, we can’t find things and we yell at one another. Someone takes someone’s phone charger and the world has come to an end. The other day I had a melt down, which looked like Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation. As all my kids watched in horror, I swung my leg towards a box, which I thought was empty. But it wasn’t. It was our box of tightly packed encyclopedias. I broke all my toes and entire foot! (JK….but it felt that way.) And no sympathy from my kids, they just walked away while I licked my wounds. I broke my own heart, my kids heart’s and my foot.

But the nights, the nights are what I eagerly look forward to every morning! Last night I announced “READING TIME” and 4 kids came sitting on the couch and floor next to me. I always read something spiritual so I read them an article in Unity magazine about science backing up and fulfilling our words and intentions whether these are positive or negative.

Then Elias handed me his Starwars book, and I read as he fell asleep to momma’s voice.

Then Olivia handed me her book. Harry the Dirty Dog….the TRIOLOGY! And I read all 3 stories.

Then Sophia started talking about her volleyball and her bruised and sore arms.

Then Bekah started talking about tips at the coffee shop, dead lifting, all the while opening up her packages of new yoga wear.

Mattias came in with Chipotle.

As I laid back in the sofa, listening and watching my kids exchange words and occasional laughter I realized, HOW BLESSED AND THANKFUL I AM.

Since I have yielded to my intuition (or the spirit within me or some call it a gut check) EVERYTHING is moving and flowing as it should. Bumpy? yes! Filled with tears at times? yes! But I’m right where I should be and I know because of how I feel. We all know our location or at least the proximity towards it, by how we feel.

Go inward dear sister. I know you are crazy busy, but make time to expand and discover this greater love within you. This is where you will find peace. You don’t have to look anywhere outside of you….you were created with divine IN you. SPEND time with this great love in prayer, meditation, dancing, being creative…..whatever brings you to your playful and frisky self. ❤️

Little Olivia with Canelo. She’s been watching natural horsemanship videos, a method where the horse and rider spend time communing with one another, getting to know one another. Olivia spends more time playing games, walking, and grooming Canelo than she does riding. Riding is a very small part of her time with her horse….she’d rather be on the ground listening and talking with him.

Wyatt my grandson was getting fussy waiting for his Momma….I remember my wise woman friend telling me when she would watch her grandkids and they would fuss for momma, she’d comfort them by giving them the breast. So that’s what I did. It worked!

What a beautiful picture this depicts of the divine and comforting love, mother god has for us. One name for god in the Hebrew is the multi-breasted one.

Breasts are found in sacred writings, and written of throughout time as a place of comfort for both children and adults. If you think about it, holding your child or partner to your breast, there is a full body exhale that happens. It’s as if the partner or child turns to warm goo, drooping into the expanse of unconditional love that is felt internally and externally.

Next time you hold one of your babies, hold them a little longer and see if you both don’t feel this euphoria. ❤️