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Broth, Wine, God and Anger

Using Wix is difficult. I’d swear it’s different almost every time I try and do something.

These are my life’s great events over the past 2 weeks.

My g/f came over and we drank a bottle of wine and laughed….and then her butt popped through my sun worn beach chair. Not wanting to go in the house, she remedied the chair by grabbing a panel of wood and sliding under her butt. The sun was shining, the air was cold, but our joy together was warm and so very playful!

Tonight all my kids were gone and I had a 🕯 light dinner by myself. Sardines and salad.

24 hour cooked beef broth….look at that color!

My fav 🐈 Ziggy. Got this from Dom on The Great Man Within podcast. ”Never f%^* a man who’s tv is bigger than his bookshelf.” AMEN to that one!

The lion and lamb lay down together most often when I am in the garden.

Eggs, sausage, kale, chard, onions, butter, and cheese. Lately I’ve been making 1 pot meals and the kids come and serve themselves. My intention is to have more meals together, it hasn’t been working out that way, but it will. ❤️

My niece Emilia, my daughter Mikayla and Olivia playing Mad Libs! 🥰

I’ve been looking at the Hertz Scale of Vibrational Frequencies (I’m pretty sure that’s what it’s called) and do you see where joy and ecstasy are? Depression and guilt? If we are vibing around 500, WE WILL ATTRACT more people to us who are vibrating at the same frequency.

The other day the girls and I were walking to the stables. Just as we got to the riverbed we meet a young man Jamal. He had his music going, kettlebells lined up and was doing sprints up and down the side of the bed. We talked for about 10 minutes….ALL GOOD STUFF….we both commented upon leaving that we were both feeling enlivened after our time together.

As we continued to walk, almost every person smiled or waved or said hello, and we passed at least 20 people.…I had just made a decision to feel as good as possible and I did, and it came back to me. The rest of our walk I kept speaking out loud all the things I was grateful for. If you need more, that’s how you get more, you start being GRATEFUL for what you currently have….a bed, a floor, clean water, food….and little by little, as you spend chunks of time throughout the day speaking gratefulness….more comes. It’s universal law.

I can also verify from plenty of experience that when I’m a bitch, I am met with other unhappy people and many more problems. 😝

When the Big Bang happened, or when God created, right then and there we were born. I am just now beginning to fully understand how spiritual things work. How I have been blinded to these thoughts and feelings that are not even me. I am not my mind or body. I am, have been, and will ever be my awareness or my soul. Learning this has helped free me from the lesser fleshy temptations such as anger, sadness, and I have kids so….anger and anger and frustration. 😜

A few weeks ago I got pissed off at one of my daughters for sleeping in (Sophia) and rather than going outside to cool down and practice a little breathing, I went into the kitchen and repetitedly swung my purse against the kitchen counter. And guess where my phone was? 😏 It only cost me 140., but it set me back from all the gains I HAD MADE the last few weeks.

When worry or fear comes to me, I have been able to pretty much immediately pull out of “thinking” and be present in my awareness of who I am. I am spirit, not flesh, therefore I do not have to participate with flesh in this manner.

Sisters….there is a way of escape from sorrow and sadness….I’m sure there are many ways….but for myself, at this time in my life, recognizing I am awareness and visualizing my connection to all humans and god aligns me with peace. I can’t tell you all how it works….but I can tell you a bit how it feels….bliss, bounty, completion, fullness, whole, drunk, love, connection.

WE ARE ALL DOING BETTER THAN OUR BRAINS TELL US WE ARE. Stop listening to your brain…it’s a liar! Be the observer, the one who is presence, drop down and listen to you. WE ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWER because we are ALL CONNECTED to god ALREADY. ❤️