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A Spaceship, No More Charter School, and Our Pleasure Practice...

Olivia is creating, thinking, and imagining how her space ship will come together. She got down right discouraged, and she cried, and in seconds she entered spontaneous laughter! 2 days she spent cycling through these emotions. Left with only momma's encouragement, she completed it to her satisfaction.

Sophia in grade 7, was reprimanded for a poem she read her teacher in which she wrote a line, "who knows if I will even be alive at age 30." The poem talked about the difficulties and unknows in life...but the teacher told the principal, the principal the counselor and the counselor called me. The first thing she wanted to do was speak with Sophia. "Sophia are you in danger of killing yourself?" Sophia could hardly believe her ears. "HUH?" I heard her say, "what are you talking about?" The conversation went on between the counselor and Sophia for about 20 minutes. The last words I heard Sophia say were, "I write very dark, this is my style, I didn't think it was a problem." Then the counselor wanted to speak with me. After hearing her concerns I mentioned Stephen King, Charles Brokowski, and Sylvia Plath.....all writers of deep and dark. While I do not appreciate any types of media that discuss the dark sides of life, I would be crazy to admit they have not been useful in Sophia's writing as well as my older daughter Bekah who is also a poet.

The school wants to know what I am "doing about Sophia's writing." I told them all in an email that I am in FULL SUPPORT of Sophia's writing and will continue to NOT CENSOR her writing in any way. The school continues to pressure me and Sophia with weekly phone calls in which I do not answer, in my opinion, they are over stepping their line. I just ordered the book "The Teenage Liberation Handbook...How to Quit School and Get a Real Life and Education" by Grace Llewellyn. I have plans to unenroll Sophia and start reading this book along with her this summer.

In my own life, I can see how I've gotten caught up in the trappings of life. Bills, money, deadlines, and busyness. All these things keep me and my kids from living or at least perceiving that an ecstatic life is all around us. Before we start our learning in the morning we play a short meditative binaural beats piece as we enter into a pleasure practice. Our practice consists of going to a feeling of bliss and esctacy where we imagine through smell, memory, touch, and feel, a moment that brought us complete alignment with our true self (our soul). Olivia usually refers to her rollerblading, Sophia her writing, and I dancing on the beach. When we open our eyes, having experienced that feeling, we keep it in our soul and mind and are able to refer to that emotion when anything stressful or contrary to ease would want to place demands upon us. We jokingly say to one another throughout the day, "you are taking me out of my bliss!" This happens when I tell the girls their friends can not come over till their room is clean. Or when my man tries to entice me back into the bed when he knows I meditate in the early hours. Interruptions come to us all. Our job is learning to stay in pleasure WHILE demands come to us. I am learning (and will forever be learning) how to make these adjustments.

Life is GOOD I am grateful.