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A little poem....

-I am wanting to write, but don‘t have words because my fear of what others may think. Leaving religion and all its “perfectness” has been very hard on me. I wanted to write and open my heart, be vulnerable, let my fellow sisters know that I am going through a hard time. Mostly because I am living in a way that is opposite of how I’ve been living most my life. Me Shannon is doing o.k. Not any better than o.k. and often I can have a really bad day. I never have a bad moment when I spend time in prayer and meditation. You will never have a bad moment when you spend time opening up your heart to god/energy/creator/source/Jesus. Don’t ask me how to meditate! Heck if I know. I struggled for some time. Just to let you gets easier, the habit, and then you crave it because you know you can never taste this love from any human! Because we really are spiritual beings having a human experience. Here is my little poem.

I ponder....I cry a lot. I moan... in seconds I am praising. My body (not my heart!) ache with pain inflicted by my mind. My heart surrenders, it breaks wide open....spirit Is here! How do I forget your endless love towards me! You seek me like a cat. Laying in wait (for me!!!), you see me bump into this and crash into that, eyes always upon me, I never wander out of your gaze.

You are my oasis. Who on this earth has given me such tender, unceasing love, wrought only in passion?

Since I was a child I imagine you chasing me. Our favorite place is the hilly country bring me over and over again to new heights of bliss. Just when I think this joy can not increase, after every one of our gatherings, it does. I am divinely grateful.