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A Continuous Flow….

SALVATION-when we wake up from the illusion that we needed saving.

SALVATION-when we become aware that NOTHING OUTSIDE OF US, can bring peace. Not a church, not a philosophy, not a book, a meetup group or a guru.

SALVATION-when we realize, WE ARE ALREADY CONNECTED TO GOD (truth, love, source, etc…) and God to us.

PEACE-when we realize that a practice of communing with God through our spirit to her/his spirit, back to our spirit, IS THE PEACE THAT PASSES ALL UNDERSTANDING.

PEACE-when our monkey mind starts a’going and we remind ourselves WHO WE ARE (we are children of god, all connected to one another, all loved by a PASSIONATE, GIDDY, and PERSONABLE God).

PEACE-when we can be FULLY PRESENT, hearing children and birds, smelling bread in the oven, receiving teenage boy hugs……WITHOUT dissociation, and without ANY thought besides what is RIGHT NOW BEFORE US.

ELIAS is helping me make renovations to the home and he wants them as much as I do. He’s not had a father figure in his to show him what a man does….so I’m thankful to universe for this timely opportunity for the both of us to learn, buy and work together.

He recently ordered a yoga mat and didn’t tell me, but I am so excited to see he is beginning his practice. He also joins me in reading, The Way of the Superior Man.

Sophia has also been beginning (again!) her meditation practice. She said this morning, “Mom, I’m so not into meditating, my brain can’t stay on task for more than 1 second!”

I explained THAT CONSTANT THINKING IS NORMAL, but doesn’t have to be so! We can use OUR WILL, our strength, to SIT BACK AND WATCH this craziness from the standpoint of awareness. We are NOT our feelings or our thoughts, WE ARE NOT WHO WE THINK WE ARE. We are not physical beings. We are a BEAUTIFUL AND MIRACULOUS spirit in a body. We are the awareness or the consciousness WHO IS WATCHING that….

“Sophia didn’t finish her chores, Sophia got all her math wrong, Sophia has no friends.”

And I explained that as long as she practices HER CONNECTION, with time, she will grow more spiritually.

She said, “I don’t want to meditate, I want to stretch!” I said, “Stretching is a PERFECT PRACTICE! Just begin with what feels right to your spirit and you can always know by how you feel, if you are in alignment or not.

And we ate raw chocolate with our fingers as we sipped black ☕️ espresso and quietly observed and felt, the mid-morning stillness.

No gym for me anymore, maybe in another season, but for now I’m enjoying walking daily with Olivia to the stables and X3 for muscle growth. Good Food is cooking and with so much produce from the garden, I’m seeing a large savings in food cost, more than normal. Good Quotes are hung around our home to keep us REMINDED. And I have a growing collect of gray hair and my skin wrinkles in places I wish it would not. But I love myself more now, than in my younger days.

We are all VERY THANKFUL! 🥰❤️🥰