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Picking my morning SMJD

Picking my morning SMJD from my OWN garden...yea...I'm not sure there are words to describe my feelings and emotions. It runs so much deeper than "picking" your food. It has become for me a spiritual occasion that brings me to the very place of universe's best handiwork. Look at the vibrant colors! I see just 6 shades of red/purple, but you might see more. Why did universe think that green and purple and red and green would contrast so beautifully together?

Lots of women have been asking me for MORE DETAILS as to how I live this REAL FOOD/RAW FOOD, weight training lifestyle. So I've decided to put a hold on Hanna's breastfeeding book and get right to the book that will help MOST women in the SHORTEST amount of time.

You won't have to buy my ebook to figure this out. I will have a "START HERE" tab on my blog with a FEW EASY GET STARTED RIGHT NOW steps.

Being married for 23 years in SUCKS. We never had the resources to help our kids fulfill their gifts and talents. The want to, the encouragement, the positivity was there...but never any money. You know that sticker that says, "F*&^ Cancer?" well, I feel the same way about poverty! I know it's dumb to say F*&^ something...but for me, when it comes to poverty...I KNOW him intimately and I hate him.

Everything you will need to know to GET STARTED will be FREE....ABSOLUTELY FREE. If you want to peak into my journey and hear my stories of how I did it for 23 years you will need to buy the book. :) I don't want ANYBODY who wants the information to go without because they DO NOT HAVE MONEY. MAY IT NEVER BE!

Thank you Mommas for your support and encouragement! Please share your pics and stories. I want to know how REAL FOOD and gardening and weight training is changing your life! SHARE!

I'm getting ready to hit the bar (weight training). ONE of my top 2 highlights of the day. My number one highlight would be sitting under my tree being THANKFUL and singing to god.

Namaste (the divine IN ME, honors the divine IN YOU!) :)