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Today's Drive - Using Real Food

Real Food…

I had just turned my head for a moment when Sophia put her fingers down into the food processor while grating carrots. I couldn’t see the damage because of all the blood, but I rinsed and immediately applied CAYANNE, which stops bleeding, and amazingly enough does not burn on contact. Cooking my creamy Lemon Lentil Soup requires a tad of CAYANNE, which amplifies the lemon flavor.

LAMB’S QUARTERS are my pre and post workout go-to’s full of amino acids which are needed for muscle repair, not to mention their high trace mineral content! These grow freely in my backyard and require me only to go out and pick their tender leaves. Many a times a kid has gotten stung or scratched on something and I reach over, masticate some LAMB’S QUARTERS in my mouth, put the poultice on the area infected and within 5 minutes they are up and running.

STINGING NETTLE is another beauty that grows in my backyard. Grab from the base when they are young and you won’t get bit! I throw these in my smoothies as the blending crushes the needles. The more mature plants get steamed and cooked (along with LAMB’S QUARTERS and SPINICH) with a nice grass fed bacon. A little salt and pepper and you’ve got a side dish for any meal. STINGING NETTLE is the herb my girls use for their complexion.

MARIGOLD FLOWER is the main ingredient needed to make Calendula. I’ve been making and using Calendula for over 20 years. I use on anything you would use Neosporin on. The MARIGOLD FLOWER is so pretty on top of soups and stews and it’s red and orange colors lend nicely to this time of year. What kids are not delighted to eat pretty flowers in their soups!

RAW HONEY….maybe my favorite! We have hives here, but had a bad case of CCD and I just haven’t made the time to start up again. Little Olivia, was on my chest when she was just a baby and as I was cooking, I burnt her toes! YIKES! I would say at least 1 degree…anyway, I went for the RAW HONEY and slathered it generously around her toes, a light bandage and sock. 24 hours later it was hardly visible! How can you eat raw chocolate without RAW HONEY! RAW HONEY is full of antioxidants, aminos, live enzymes and is antimicrobial. I mix RAW HONEY with almonds, salt, cacao nibs, tahini and a touch of COCONUT OIL, roll into little balls and I have a healthy, ALL I CAN EAT WON’T GAIN WEIGHT treat.

KOMBUCHA is a tea-based beverage that is fermented using tea and sugar along with the Scoby which is the colony of bacteria and yeast (great bacteria and yeast!). KOMBUCHA is my afternoon drink and my pre-workout full of live enzymes and B vitamins, which gives you naturally that “energy drink” kick. KOMBUCHA is also our go-to as a remedy for sunburns and when we feel like we are coming down with something, sort of like the “Emergen C powder.”

I want to E N C O U R A G E you ladies in the art and passion of cultivating, caring and harvesting plants to use as medicine and food. We ARE MORE THAN ABLE to feed and NOURISH our families with NUTRIENT DENSE food. We are able to be well and going further, we are able to TOTALLY THRIVE in our daily life! When we feel good, we act good. When we feel good we want the BEST for our families! There is a desire to seek out GOOD and DO GOOD for others! The feeling of GROWING, BEING, DOING, LIVING, LOVING, and SHARING with others is at least for me, the ULTIMATE LIFE! You can’t acquire or do anything in life that compares to walking and moving in divine love and health!

Where to start…I’d say the library or Amazon. Pick up a copy of Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs A Beginner’s Guide. Or, I truly think highly of John and Kimberly.