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Today's Drive - Propelling

I have 7 children. I want my children to know they have an awesome future and whether they fail or succeed, is for the most part, up to them. We have people in our lives; husbands, wives, partners, and friends, who need to know that they too have an awesome future awaiting them.

One of ways I help PROPEL my children into their future is by calling them what they want to become.

"Where is my Captain of the LA Department S.W.A.T Team"...this is for my 11 year old.

"Bekah, how is my English Professor this morning?" ...this is for my 17 year old.

"Matt, how is my world famous Music Score Producer?"...this is for my 20 year old.

I do this everyday. I tell them how amazing they are and I emphasize their individual strenghts. I am their CHEERLEADER! I stand on the sidelines and get them excited when they would rather sit. I pick up my pom-poms and cheer them on for each yard they gain!

The world dishes out defeat, failure, and mediocracy. WE, need to dish out in BIG heaping bowls SUCCESS, HARD-WORK, and EXCELLENCE!