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Sexting or being a G/F again!

When you were courting your man (this can be applied to gay couples too!) you LOOKED nice, you put on a little make-up, a pretty dress, you SHAVED (haha!), you probably put on some music and moved your hips to the tunes as you danced in front of the mirror admiring how beautiful you looked!

When your man arrived, you were just as SWEET AS CAN BE. You sat RIGHT next to him in the middle seat belt just so you could "touch up" against him. Maybe you even laid your head on his shoulders. As soon as he opened the car door you jumped right out and with no hesitation held his hand. Over dinner you asked him questions about his life and verbally spoke words of "wonderful greatness" and how you were amazed at his ableness to be so successful.

Now you've been married a while and things are stale...real stale. Your man is showing interest in other woman, maybe at work, maybe at church.

And the FEMINIST WOMAN (which I consider myself as one) SCREAMS OUT..."So I have to change WHO I AM in order to keep my man from cheating???!!!"

Well, you "changed yourself" when your man was taking interest in you. When you were dating you sure put on your best and were determined to make him your own. So now you have him and YOU'VE CHANGED! He thought he was committing to this wonderful woman who was SWEET and CARING...but has become unkept, unfriendly and worse of all, you're a cold bitch that never wants to make love to your man.

If this describes you, OUCH.....BUT NEVER FEAR! You can SIMPLY CHANGE DIRECTIONS and go in the opposite way.

I was talking to a woman at the ymca yesterday about sexting her husband. She said, "I wouldn't even know what to say!" When I gave her an example she said, "My husband would say, where's my wife?!" haha!

Maybe when you were dating you didn't sext. But now you are in a relationship and so you have permission to do so. AND YOUR MAN WILL LOVE IT AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH IT! Enjoy your man, be captivated by him, SMILE and be SWEET when he comes home. Put on something nice,


get out of those sweats, have the children stop fighting and create EXCITEMENT in them at the arrival of their father! Make your home PLEASANT so that your man WANTS TO COME HOME!

I talk alot (you already know that!) so I was talking to a woman who's husband goes out with the "boys" a few times a week. I tell you what he's doing. He's going out in hopes that he can meet a nice woman. HE DOESN'T EVEN NEED TO HAVE SEX...he just wants to look and talk to a beautiful woman. He wants to see a woman's smile, he wants conversation. WHY ISN'T HE GETTING THAT FROM YOU??? YOU GAVE IT TO HIM IN THE BEGINNING! GO BACK TO WHAT WORKS!

HOW DO YOU RECOVER? It's EASY with men. They don't need a long elaborate conversation. Simply take your clothes off and ENJOY your man! Here are some examples of sexting you can use with your partner.

"When you get home tonight, I would greatly enjoy to spend time between your thighs. It's been so long since I've been able to touch, smell and taste your massive c*&^."

"You know how you've wanted to get away, well, I've arranged the grandparents to watch the kids. I want to spend all weekend in bed PLAYING with you my knight in shinning armor! I want to feed you, talk with you, laugh with you my good man. I've been reading this book and I want to try these new things with you. Would you mind making love in the shower, up against the wall, on the floor! I can't wait to show and experience new things with make me so horny and I hope I do the same for you!"

This is not RATED X....this is RATED "How to ASSURE YOUR VERY HAPPY AND SUCCESSFUL relationship! Older women (me) should share and teach younger women things like this. There is NO SHAME in talking about love making and taking care of your man. At least not in my opinion. And churches...MOST OF ALL (because I've never experienced as much infidelity as in the ministry) should have a class on HOW TO MAKE LOVE TO A WOMAN and a class on HOW TO MAKE LOVE TO A MAN. When a man and woman are greatly satisfied with one another, sharing life with one another, sharing the work load with one another, sharing a deeply fulfilled sexual practice with one another...I don't know ONE man or ONE woman who wants OUT!!! I'm not saying there isn't, I've just never meet one.

Go BACK to what works. Go back to being that SWEET, SEXY, FUN, PRETTY girlfriend you once were. It's in you ALREADY! It's who you are! :)

Start EDUCATING yourself on the art of Tantra. It will re-new your mind to how love making should be and can be. :)