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What Does a Man Want?

A very, handsome and extremely well built man was standing outside our front yard gate. I went out there and after talking discovered he was waiting for my 22 yog. I asked him the question I ask everybody who comes to our home, "tell me about yourself.'

He was 24, been married for a year and wants OUT. He showed me some pictures of his wedding and his wife. His wife was STUNNINGLY beautiful and her father was THE richest man in O.C. This man because of his wife's wealth had a NEW Ford with all the extras, designer clothes, house, and planned vacations. He said..."I'M MISERABLE, my wife is a BIT&*, all she does is nag me all day long. I come home after work for what...she's never home and when she is home, she nags me to my face. I know she's the most beautiful woman around appearance wise, but what I'm going through...I'd rather be homeless."

On the opposite side of the spectrum, I worked in a hospital with a woman who was quite homely, and very overweight. I soon learned why so many Dr's were always hanging around here. Single, married, it didn't matter...these men enjoyed her. She knew the Dr's by name (first name) and called them so, she ALWAYS had a good word, she ALWAYS had a smile, she NEVER participated in with the gossipy women and she would ask about the Dr's, how they were and their family. Her personality was just wanted to be around her to feel her energy.

2 women. One is a Barbie Doll and one is not. WHO DID the MEN WANT? They wanted the non-Barbie Doll.

Are you a non-Barbie Doll? THAT'S PERFECT...if your man wanted a Barbie Doll, he would have got one. Your man wanted YOU! Your man saw your outward beauty, that's for sure, but he saw your LAUGH, he saw your giggle (if you don't giggle anymore, start it back up!), he saw your kindness, he heard your words of praise and good things come from your mouth. When he didn't get that job he heard you ENCOURAGE him, and lift him to see himself as MEN of ALL MEN. When he was late for that dinner engagement he felt so relieved that you were kind and understanding.

You practiced SWEETNESS while you were dating...START IT UP AGAIN! Don't let ill words come from your mouth toward your partner? WHY? Ask yourself, "will telling my partner that I cleaned up his mess again, serve him?" If not, don't say it! Wait until a more opportune time where instead of "telling" your partner, you can "offer" to come up with solutions to the problem that are honoring to the both of you. EASY PEASY!

Your man doesn't need or even want sex as much as he NEEDS, WANTS, DESIRES and LONGS for a SWEET COMPANION and FRIEND. But sex is GOOD! REALLY GOOD! And he needs sex too! But a man would rather sleep on the couch than have a quicky

with a BIT&*.

TODAY...text your partner and THANK THEM for something. Appreciate their working, or doing the dishes...just show some gratitude! When your partner gets home, SMILE, look pretty, brush your teeth! Throw on a pair of clean jeans, lip stick and a t-shirt with NO BRA! When he takes notice, catch his eyes with yours and lick your lips and SMILE! You've been breastfeeding all day anyway...why put on a bra now, the day is almost over. But if play your cards right...the night will be just starting for you...A little SWEETNESS goes a long way! COME ON WOMEN! REVOLUTIONIZE your relationship to heights you've dreamed of. If your going to make this relationship work, then WORK IT! If you are admiring your man and practicing sweetness (the things YOU DID WHILE DATING) why stop now? GO BACK TO WHAT WORKED!!!

ok....going to TRAIN at my favorite place, besides the beach and the bookstore...yep, the YMCA!