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Out of Depression...

The way out of depression, sorrow, unhappiness, THANKFULNESS.

You moms are GIFTED AND ENDOWED with everything you need to be an awesome mom and partner! ❤️

❤️ Sing encouraging songs from your religion or other music choices (Aykanna...Beautiful Am I)

❤️ Walk around outside and be silly, like a child. Look around at the trees and grass and start speaking THANKFULNESS. FEEL IT!like a child feels when enjoying the outdoors! Spin around.....look up! So WHAT if you don't feel it! Just start doing it over and over and over and over until symptoms cease. If they start back up again....YOU START BACK UP WITH SINGING AND THANKSGIVING!

❤️ The next humans you come in contact with....COMPLIMENT them, smile, say hello, kiss them, ask them about THEM! Tell each of your kids how proud you are of them (if you can't do that) say,

"Kevin, I'm so glad you have a passion for dirt!" It seems like your always in it! Hey, do you think we could go to the nursery and look at some dirt for a garden? I don't think they call it dirt when growing food, I've heard it called soil. But I have no are more knowledgeable than I am! When is a good time for you?"

PRAISE, praise, praise our kids and partners! When you them rise to the extent that you encourage and praise them!