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Make your OWN

Green tea leaves, greens from my garden and ginger.

MOMS, moms, moms! Don't be fooled into thinking you need some type of "energy or weight loss" drink! ONCE YOU CLEAN UP your diet and start eating REAL FOOD, your energy will NATURALLY INCREASE as your organs are relieved from all the crap food.

I will teach you (or you teach yourself 👏) how to grow your OWN GREENS and sprout your OWN seeds and make your OWN GREEN DRINKS!

You don't need to be a CONSUMER of health products! It's just not necessary! Better to invest your money in soil and seeds.

I bought bulk green tea leaves and I dehydrate my own greens, also I add ginger. I throw all this into a blender with more greens and water and 1/4 banana and drink! It's all the energy you need! From REAL FOOD! How exciting! ❤️

Getting ready to train at the y, and I'm drinking my pre-workout. My Kombucha a with a few teaspoons of MY greens from MY garden! I want to teach you how to make YOUR OWN food so that you can be a PRODUCER AND NOT A CONSUMER!