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Backyard Bootcamp...What I'm Selling

Many other bootcamps sell or recommend food products and or supplements. The only thing I want to sell you (and I HOPE you'll buy it!) is the belief that you CAN have the BODY and MIND you want!

I don't do supplements, vitamins, or diet foods because they are CRAP.*

Most supplements are chemicals created in a lab by a man.

The only supplements I use are the supplements that god and I make. Straight from my garden, into the dehydrator, (careful not to heat over 115 degrees) and into my smoothies. I'm trying to SELL you the idea that you don't need pills, powders, or diet products...WHAT YOU NEED IS REAL FOOD. And in the Backyard Bootcamp I'm going to walk you through EASY PEASY steps to starting your garden to making your own Green Powder Supplement.

*Garden of Life is the only supplement I know (there may be others, I'm just unfamiliar) that makes an Organic, Green, Sprouted, Raw Powder...and if you have the money it's the BEST. But IMO, money is better spent IMPROVING your SOIL and investing in clean SEEDS, that way you can enjoy the divine SATISFACTION from creating your own supplements.