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Backyard Bootcamp?

Would you be interested in a "backyard bootcamp?" Would you enjoy to meet at my home Tuesday and Thursday 8:30-10am for 4 We will spend 45 minutes training (working out) and 45 minutes drinking coffee or tea and learning/eating/ making raw foods, while ENCOURAGING AND LAUGHING WITH ONE ANOTHER (that's the best part!) ❤

I know every woman wants to look good and feel good. But how to achieve that, and the STEP-BY-STEP process is sometimes very difficult!

BUT I WANT TO HELP YOU! I GREATLY ENJOY MY JOB AS A CHEERLEADER AND I KNOW...if you spent 4 weeks with'd never forget it! I am bragging because I am BAD-ASS. And I'm bragging because I know the universe/God has given me the passion of ENCOURAGEMENT towards ALL people!

I know EVERY SINGLE WOMAN READING THIS IS BAD-ASS too because it's already inside you...I want to help you get your bad-ass on!

I don't have any degrees in health or nutrition. I am only sharing what has worked for me since I was a young girl. And at 45 with 7 kids I'm pretty damn happy, healthy and in good shape. ❤

It will be easy, but I'm gonna kick your ass...I'm just gonna push you a little...cause we all need that! All exercise moves will be able to be scaled down. Meaning if you can't squat 4 inches, IT'S ok! I'll only make you squat 3.5 inches! ❤

Most of all FUN! The more we learn and gain knowledge the more we feel empowered and ABLE TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN can, you can! ❤

So text me if you would be interested. I would like to start the first week of May...summer is coming! You can totally shape up during the summer! After only a couple weeks of simple lifestyle changes you WILL NOTICE a change in your body! It can be done! And seeing that change is soooooo self-motivating!

Please come! ❤