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The Raw Journey

I’ve tried 3 recipes from the book TWO MOMS IN THE RAW by Shari Koolik Leidich and all 3 have been very well received by the kids. So I am recommending the book which contains the recipes for the Paleo Crackers and Roasted Garlic, *Pepita, and Cilantro Pesto, which are pictured below.

The Pesto was sooooo delish I was dancing and singing it’s praises and so the kids just had to come in and taste what their mom was raving about...they enjoyed it too and said it was one of the better spreads they had eaten.

Since I am not 100% raw, I do enjoy REAL FOOD cooked on a stovetop or oven. In this book Shari offers many EASY, KID-FRIENDLY recipes that are cooked but, like I said, using REAL FOOD that you wash, cut, mince, chop, simmer and cook yourself.

Go to Amazon and take a look, they also have a Kindle edition, or better yet, do as I did and check it out from the library.

*Many raw foods recipes call for almonds or walnuts or macadamias….those are expensive nuts. I USUALLY SUBSTITUTE with SUNFLOWER SEEDS. Raw sunflower seeds are inexpensive, mild in taste and work just as well. If a recipe calls for 1c. almonds, I use 3/4c. Sunflower seeds and 1/4c. almonds. Sometimes I don’t use almonds at all, it just depends on my budget.

A note on NUTS. I really enjoy to shop at Sprouts because it’s next door to the Ymca. The problem is...their nuts are NO GOOD. I will buy them in a serious pinch, but I’d rather not. This was confirmed when I was reluctant to grab another scooop of nuts and an older lady seeing my hesitation said, “What’s wrong?” Then she came over and put her face right down in the bin, pulled up and said loudly, “These nuts are rancid.” I KNEW IT! But I needed someone with more wisdom to confirm. I talked to the manager LAST YEAR about this, but he rolled his eyes.’s back to Whole Foods I go, where the BULK SECTION is the BEST around and the nuts are always FRESH!

Moms!!!!!!! How is your REAL FOOD JOURNEY going? Have you started yet? I know Candace and Melissa have started because they are my neighbors, Lisa and Lisa, and Lindsey and Gail...who else is eating well and TONING UP? I want you to know YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT and have the body you’ve ALWAYS WANTED!!! It’s a J O U R N E Y, so ENJOY the scenery and GO SLOW, take in a little flavor here, a little raw treat there, GROW A VERY SMALL GARDEN with greens and Marigold flowers, sit by your garden and let it’s ENERGY infuse you, SMILE, LAUGH, hold your kids, kiss, touch, BLESS SOMEONE!

It’s not just about “being sexy” in your body, but it’s about REVAMPING your entire way of thinking and relating to life...SO GO SLOW...there’s no RUSH! One foot in front of the other...JUST START TODAY...JUST START ONE THING TO MOVE YOU IN THE POSITIVE DIRECTION.