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Raw Food Prepping

Eating raw is not only "cleaner" for your body, it's "cleaner" for the kitchen. Nothing is greasy, nothing to cook, no pots and pans to clean (ok,maybe 1!) Once you start preparing raw foods, you will rejoice at the ease and very, very, minimal prep needed and hardly any clean up!

In the big Tupperware I keep fresh greens, cleaned, cut and ready to eat. When someone needs a salad, they pull from the container what they want and add or not add their own toppings.

In the fridge, I always try and keep at least 2 salad dressings (from scratch) on hand.

I try and prep common toppings such as onions, bell peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes. But sometimes I have nothing prepped...and that is simply life! What to do but SMILE!