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Save the Scraps

Save the Scraps

If you’re low on greens for your Jedi Drink, turn to your scraps! The tops of carrots (beautiful greens), the ends of celery, apple cores, bell pepper tops, tomato tops, and any other fruit or veggies that you would normally compost, really belong in your body.

Don’t throw too many tops or bottoms in your Jedi Drink or the texture will be too thick to down.

If you can’t stand the taste, throw in ½ banana, in which you should only taste the banana.

Sexy Momma Jedi Drink

2 large handfuls greens

1 apple core*

1 bell pepper top*

2-6 tomato tops*

½ banana

Put all ingredients in blender and add water to 3c. mark. Mix and drink.

*Can substitute whatever scraps you have collected that day.

REMEMBER…We eat to live, not live to eat. Just keep up the drinks before meals, make your meals about 80% raw (salads, raw dips, sprouts, etc.…) and include a very small portion of the cooked main dish. Move daily…and press yourself. There is NO WAY you cannot begin to loose weight and see a difference! Once you begin to SEE your body change it motivates you to PRESS IN EVEN MORE and train your body to obey!

When you look good, you feel good, when you feel good, you act good, you speak good, your thankfulness flows from you to your family and even strangers! YOU CAN DO IT! You don’t need outside motivation to change your world. You only need you and your will.

Lots of Love…