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Bees and Gardening; making you sexier, body, mind and spirit

I used to house bees. How wonderful it was to sit only 2 feet away from their home and delight myself in their "doings." I purposefully set them outside my bedroom window, removing the screen so that my view would be crystal clear (I do not open that window.) From early morning to late evening they were always so busy coming to and fro; pleasantly touching antennas in order to communicate amongst themselves. Sadly, CCD hit our hives. As I groaned the thought of not receiving raw honey, what was more agonizing was absence of observing them.

Silly as this may sound, I absolutely DELIGHTED in looking at them throughout the day. You know how kids like iPhones, well, I was the same with my hives. Just observing them for a minute would generate words of admiration and appreciation from my mouth to God. My kids would remark to their friends, “She gets really excited about her bees.”

So, there is a little background of my hives. I am looking for someone to tend these hives. The person to do the work needs to be knowledgeable of bee keeping or at least take on the task of learning. Bees need to be brought in, preferably from a bee rescue, but on craigslist you can find people needing to rid of a hive they do not want. The hives are a little dirty, but guess what? Those woman are so good at cleaning, you won’t have to do anything. They clean their own home. If you have more hives and would like to set them up here, I am fine with that. Once they get going, after their home cleaning, the job is pretty much done. I don’t like sugar water and interfering. I prefer to trust the process and let them do their own thing.

I’ve been very quiet the last week. I’ve been thinking. Thinking of all I have, and how blessed I am. I’ve been thinking how so many people struggle greatly with being healthy. I am of the opinion (and I’m sure there are plenty of scientific studies to verify this) that a person who actively gardens, starts seeds, eats tomatoes straight from the vine, rejoices over bees and hummingbirds, THOSE ARE THE PEOPLE who are happier and healthier.

I mean, if you are eating FROM your garden avoiding processed and mostly cooked foods, how could you not start to thin out, increase in energy, and be INFUSED with the ENERGY from your garden?

If you haven’t thought of making your (and your kids) life better through gardening, NOW IS A GOOD TIME. LIVING BETTER, feeling better, looking better DOES NOT START AT THE GYM! It starts with what you put in your mouth. I continually put live, raw food in my mouth and I do not think it of any consequence that live, raw and continuous words of positivity, THANKFULNESS and enthusiasm come back out of my mouth.

IT WILL DO THE SAME FOR YOU! You can do it MOTHERS! You can get on youtube and learn to make a small garden, you can sprout greens in your kitchen, you can buy a fruit tree, you can TAKE CONTROL of how you look and feel just by gardening! Someone needs to be KICK-ASS, someone wants to look hot for their partner, someone needs to be the #1 Mother…why not be you?!

Lots of Love…