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English...We are memorizing the poem "Work while you work, play while you play." We talk about the importance of growing at least some of our food. The kids begin to write out the poem as I speak it (dictation). They SELF correct their penmanship and spelling errors. Older kids learn more verses, while youngers learn less. They also practice daily reciting this from memory (public speaking.)

Math...We group how many Swiss Chard, Nettles, Lamb's Quarters, and sprigs of Parsley. We add together. Older kids use math text.

History...We learn and talk about where different greens are native to. The Stevia is a native of South America and Sophia knows where this is because she practices from memory freehand drawing the continents of North and South America daily. We use encyclopedias, an atlas and you tube videos to meet UP CLOSE the land, plants and people. The olders just take off on their own and go as in depth or depends on the topic interest.

Science...Why do Nettles have needles on the tips? What does Parsley do for the body? We are learning all about the different organs in the body through music. The olders take off on body systems that interest them. They make outlines, rough drafts and a final copy to be typed. Sometimes they do posters and give a family presentation.

Being with kids all day, cooking, cleaning, learning, gardening, learning, reading, talking, LOVING, laughing, learning, getting pissed at each other, yelling, screaming and then....MAKING UP....saying sorry, sibling hugs, mommy kisses. This is why I homeschool. MY KIDS TEACH ME SOOOOOOO MUCH!

Homeschooling is not for everyone. DO NOT FEEL poorly if you do not homeschool your kids! We are all are at different places and different times in our life and we are all doing our best. While this may work out for one mom, may not for the other.

GIVE GRACE to yourself! You’re a brilliant, amazing, tenacious, loving, kind, generous mother and woman. BE GENTLE on yourself and go moment by moment with your mothering tasks. Go slow, deliberately, and attentively; listening and ENCOURAGING your kids each step of the way. The JOURNEY is the best part!