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Easy Steps to Better Eating

  1. Dig a spot and plant some greens (get some already started from a nursery.)

  2. Buy a fruit tree and plant it (Costco or a local nursery.)

  3. Sit on a blanket daily (outside) and commit to furthering your gardening knowledge with books.


Spend time DAILY outside with your children talking to your plants, thanking them for growing and THANK the universe for allowing you to take charge of your health.

After you have spent time practicing being thankful, encourage the kids to pick a few greens and add them to your meal. Sometimes we don’t have enough lettuce for a salad, but I have the kids pick a few in the garden and then we add it to our store bought greens. Sometimes we don’t have enough eggs, so the kids bring in what we have and add to the store bought ones. You don’t have to be this amazing super mom who grows all her own food, sews her clothes and juices for all her kids. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS JUST START SOMEWHERE.

WHAT ONE THING CAN YOU DO DAILY TO IMPROVE YOUR EATING? Go to pinterest and get some awesome ideas, the library for books and don’t forget (my most favorite app) Librovox. (not that you want to know, but my favorite public domain book is called The Spiritual Practice of Gardening.

Mothers…TURN WORK INTO PLAY with your children! Sing, laugh, talk well of life, lay your hands on them and bless them and speak aloud their growing character traits.

Here are some pictures of food from our garden. The tangelo tree I bought for 10. and planted about 12 years ago. The avocado tree was bought about 15 years ago for 10. The lemon tree has been here over 40 years! The greens are from the garden. There is no store bought food that holds a candle to my food!

YOU CAN DO IT MOTHERS!!!! Why are you waiting to tone up? Why are you waiting to change your dietary habits? Why are you waiting? Stop waiting and just do it! As you see changes in your body, you just LOOK better! You look better and then you FEEL better and then you ACT better. Have CONFIDENCE in yourself…you are so much more than you believe yourself to be!