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A Few Food Staples, 100's of Possibilities

For the last 23 years we have lived very well off a few staple foods. Eggs, beans, rice, nuts, seeds and lots of greens. Our staples do not change and variety is afforded when seasons bring us different vegetables and fruits. With beans and rice I can change appearance and taste with adding avocado or not, tomatoes or not, meat or not. How many different salads can be made just by changing toppings in the way of vegetables, or adding fruit, or adding sprouts, or adding nuts or changing EVOO in your dressings to coconut oil. Here is our menu pretty much every day, 7 days a week.

AM...Eggs with tomatoes and avocadoes or salsa

NOON...Salad heavy laden with nuts and seeds

PM...Beans and rice with another salad

Snacks throughout the day consist of fruit with nut butters (Almond, peanut or walnut) and smoothies made in BlendTec.

THAT is all! I do not make other foods. Many times my kids get tired of their never changing menu and I am quick to point out the 20 cookbooks we have. I choose not to spend my time learning new ways to cook, because I am caring for other priorities. My kids can learn which point they shut up.

Dear Mothers! If you are struggling with low immune systems, tiredness, fat, etc... Please allow me to encourage you to take up the discipline of cooking nutrient dense food. Make it a homeschool project that turns into a family lifestyle change! What family would not benefit from cooking and eating together!

I used to make the kids read and copy recipes in cursive (English) and add quantities such as 3/4 c. plus 1/4 c. (math), many times we would look up other countries and make recipes common to their eating habits, which would lead to studying about that country (history.)

A world of healthier living, better feeling, and abundance in your mind, body and spirit can come to you and your family through better eating!