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Reading Aloud Calms Fighting Children

This afternoon as I was finishing up trimming hedges, I heard my girls inside the house yelling. As I walked in Sophia asked, "Mom, can you please get her away I hate her, she's bothering me." Little Olivia was just plain yelling.

What's a mom to do? JUMP IN BED WITH A BOOK AND START READING! It wasn't long before Sophia was singing about me and Olivia was in my arms. All because of a book! I cut too much off the beginning of the video, otherwise you would have heard their name calling and screaming.

Please allow me to plead with you Dear Moms! Let us strive to fulfill our duties as INVLOVED, listening and compassionate mothers. I know it is hard and even I am tempted at times to turn on a movie for my kids. But why did we want to become mothers in the first place? We wanted to nurture a life, live for someone other than ourselves, we wanted to love someone who was a part of us.

Words can’t describe the joy you will receive from your children by taking the time to read to them daily.

Ask any of my children their favorite memories and they will tell you, “Reading with Mom!”

Ps…I highly recommend The Original Peter Rabbit Books by Beatrix Potter (there’s 24 I think). I bought them at a garage sale 20 years ago and I still read from them almost DAILY!