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Today's Drive - Bad Habits…It's O.K.

Hello Sisters!

Do you feel bad that you can’t seem to loose weight? Do you know the right things to eat, but seem to always eat the opposite? Are you good at sticking to your “new plan” for a day or two and then the weekend hits?

Well, if this is you, join most of the population of women in Western Society. There are many problems for this, but mainly I think we simply do not take time to love ourselves.

If you don’t eat all organic and you don’t make 4 course nutrient dense meals, IT’S OK!!! If you make Mac and Cheese for your kids and the next morning take them to McDonalds, it’s ok.

The first year of my divorce I smoked cigarettes, and the first few months of my divorce my kids ate crap 24/7. And guess what? It was ok. Not the best, but I did not beat myself up AT ALL! I enjoyed every puff and I still remember my last cigarette, I thoroughly enjoyed it! I remember opening up my van side doors and seeing fast food wrappers and containers fall out…I just laughed, but inside, I was truly ok. I gave grace to myself and practiced self-love. I knew it wasn’t the best, I knew I could do better, but I wasn’t ready.

People say, I can’t loose weight, I can’t eat healthy, I can’t go back to school, I can’t, I can’t. But that is silly nonsense! When YOU ARE READY, it will happen! When you decide that what you WANT is more important than what you currently have, it will happen!

It’s been about 4 months since I’ve quite smoking, it was EASY PEASY, cause what I currently had (not a lot of breath for cardio) was not what I wanted, I wanted to step it up with my training. So I quit. What I wanted was more important than what I currently had. My kids went through fast food withdraws, but what I WANTED was more important than what I currently had. If they want a treat now and we are out, I will stop at a grocery store and buy celery and a large almond butter, some cut fruit and we will eat a meal in the store parking lot. What I want, is more important than what I currently had.

You will get there Sisters! YOU WILL GET THERE!!! IT WILL HAPPEN FOR YOU! Practice THANKFULNESS all day long and ALOUD so your kids can hear. Sit under a tree and rejoice you are ALIVE! Thank the Universe/God for loving you; receive that love and begin to LOVE YOURSELF.

No matter how long you’ve been in a rut, it doesn’t matter! It is what it is, don’t beat yourself up. When what you WANT, IS MORE IMPORTANT than what you currently have, it will happen!

Sending MUCH love from my heart to yours!

Ps….I am greatly encouraged by listening to Brendon Burchard on podcasts. No pain, blame or shame and CRAZY motivational encouragement!

My other go-to, actually my FIRST go-to is God/Universe. Sit with God and BE STILL. Just be still and practice listening. Be consistent and YOU WILL HEAR. Usually I will practice a time of singing and thankfulness, then I just listen. WOW! We are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO radically loved!!!