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Today's Drive - Sourcing FREE, Organic, High Protein Food

When I first processed my own chickens that I raised and loved myself, I was empowered! Making mineral rich bone broth to feed and nourish my family made me feel like the badass Goddess that I am. When I bring in greens from my garden there is a spiritual energy that engulfs me. As I rinse and cut, I ALOUD give thanks to the creator that I am able to participate in her creation! Providing with your own hands is a beautiful thing! As a mom who practices weight lifting and feeding lots of growing blessings, I am always looking for cheap and organic sources of protein. So yesterday my JEDI drink sat unblended on the counter. When I came back....ants had invaded! I was in the midst of helping a 12 yob with his essay, an 8 yog with her math and a 4 yog clean up nail polish that was spilled. I remember once watching a national geographic show on people around the world who eat insects as part of their diet. So, I blended with a few handfuls of greens...ANTS INCLUDED. As it went down the hatch, (in case I would develop a gag...which I didn't ) I thought about me, as the badass Goddess I am and how in my brilliance have discovered a FREE, ORGANIC source of protein! The drink tasted like sweet dirt and it was quite spicy. And if you have ever eaten an ant on accident you know those little suckers carry a cayenne punch! I don't expect my kids to be as enthusiastic as I will take them some time to see my wisdom, but I'm quite sure they will come around! My 21 yob who also body builds, upon hearing of my craziness paused and said, "people all over the world eat insects, they are full of protein!" 😃 May I please, (from the deepest part of me, to the deepest part of you), ENCOURAGE you bad ass moms out there to just take ONE simple step in providing with your own two hands sources for your family's diet. The pleasure of feeding your body well and the intoxication of feeding your spirit is YOUR RIGHT and blessing! ❤ Ps...don't start with ants for obvious reasons! 😜