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Today's Drive - SLOW Down

"NO RUSH" and "get messy, make mistakes (mrs. Frizzle)" are some of my mottos. I know....we all want to live in this "moment" and be fully present as each situation presents itself...but it's hard! Especially if your a mom who juggles 50 different things a day!

1. Let your house go! JUST KIDDING! I'm a believer in getting up, before the kids wake and clean your house. I'm not perfect, and it doesn't have to be picked, books, shoes etc... don't bother me...but dirty does. Every day I allow myself 20 minutes to deep clean a room. I do the same room every week and tackle a different job within that room. So like Monday is always kitchen, and Tuesday is always dining room, etc...

2. LET YOUR KIDS HELP! It is Soooooooooooooooo much quicker to do the job yourself! I get it! And when we do it, it gets done RIGHT! But, our kids feel left out and their hearts are crushed when we don't invite them to contribute. Olivia helped me cut eggs and that was ROYAL mess. But she laughed while cutting them, she learned how to equally distribute eggs to each persons plate, and she told everyone at the table what a wonderful cook she is! So much confidence growing in her little heart to work even harder and do even better! And...she even delighted in the clean up!

You've heard people say, "there's never enough time to do everything that needs to be done!"

Well, I like to believe that the universe gave us the perfect amount of hours, we just need be become better managers and honor that wisdom.

Let us all make a goal to not rush. May we honor time, and practice being present in moments that present themselves throughout the day. ❤