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Today's Drive - Easy Summer Foods

Dead food or live choose! That's what I tell my kids when they complain about the food I cook. Now I'm not saying eating well will guarantee your health your entire life...but you can sure bet your daily life will be buoyant and joyous as a result of eating live foods!

In the summer I don't cook (hahaha....)! Actually I don't cook at all...except one meal and that's beans and rice. Cause I only make 1 type of food...Mexican!


Sandwiches, salads smoothies and raw treats are my staples during the summer! And when my older kids complain (I think 16 is a good age) I point to the door and say go find better! Haha! They don't leave cause they tell me they already know how healthy we eat! But they want me to switch things up a bit! Well, someday when I decide that's important I will, until then, you have hands and cookbooks! That's what I tell them. They never leave though, and all their friends who are served Mac and cheese nightly at home eat my raw, gooey, vegetable laden sandwiches like they are starved and ASK FOR MORE!

My little girls always ask, "mommy, what does this avocado do for my heart? What does this water do for my body! What does this carrot do for my eyes?" Then, very animated, you smile and with excitement you tell them all the benefits of the food that is nourishing their body. Before you know it, your still telling this huge wonderful story and the kids plate is empty! They love it! Us moms love it!