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Encourage Yourself


This afternoon I sat on the bathroom floor amongst pieces of toilet paper, damp towels, dirty clothes, hair clips and Legos. I had decided that to cry, just for even a few moments, would make me feel better!

So as I began to partake in my journey, (the tears started to well up) a voice inside me said, "REALLY?"

My thoughts went to a story in the bible. It is a story of a man named Neimiah (I'm pretty sure). He was told to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem but no one had any interest. Too hard, too big, too impossible!

The story goes on to say the task was so CRAZY, that he went out to look at this impossible feat in the middle of the night (so no one could see him and verify his crazy!) and he ENCOURAGED HIMSELF!

Within 2 minutes, not one tear had cascaded over my bottom eye lid. A smile replaced momentary sadness!

I have an impossible feat in front of me. I am a single mom with 7 kids! 2 of their friends live with us. I get not a penny of child support and haven't in the last 13 months. I am working on my childbirth business. The kids want to be homeschooled again next year (how could I say no?!)

And...I am beginning to write my first book on Breastfeeding. It's going to be a totally encouraging book that is full of funny stories, my breastfeeding trials and all my triumphs! You WILL cry with me...I'm not gonna hold back!....we will laugh so hard you might pee your paints if you haven't been practicing your kegels and squats!

So ALL this ran through my head in like 3 minutes! On the 4th minute I stood up and said, "THANK YOU!!!!! THANK YOU GOD that I can encourage myself! I have eyes, ears, taste, touch, 7 healthy kids, my bills are paid, I have no debt and money left over for STARBUCKS!

SHOULD LIFE BE THIS GOOD??? I've been alive all day, I've been privledged to clean the house, love my kids and make dinner! LIFE IS SOOOOOOOOOOO GREAT!

When shit happens in our life, we will either cave or conquer. We will either continue in circumstances we hate or we will devise a PLAN to turn our situation around.

I started smoking a few cigarets daily, after the divorce a year ago. Today is my 5th day of not smoking. Smoking doesn't serve me anymore and it's in the way of my fitness goals to move to another level. Oh yea....and cigarets are not good for you. 😆.

I want Crossfit more than I want a cig, and to be completely honest, it has been very easy! All I had to do was make up my mind. I wasn't ready 6 months ago, I wouldn't have quit, didn't want to.

I'm a bad ass! I say that unapoligetically because I'm humble, knowing everyday here on earth is an absolute gift and I am THANKFUL! I can stop smoking cold turkey and get my butt up from an impeding crying party on the bathroom floor cause I have learned to ENCOURAGE MYSELF!

I KNOW EVERY SINGLE WOMAN reading this has "bad ass" inside of you!

Every single woman has a dream, a desire, a gift, a talent planted inside of you! SHARE IT WITH US! Someone needs what you have and who you are!

If everyone thinks your dreams are impossible....then it is time to ENCOURAGE YOURSELF! You ARE bad ass! You are more than able to learn, read, research, network and do what you need to do to push the needle of your life in the positive direction!


Crossfit here I come! 😆