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Today's Drive - No Motivation Needed pt. 2


No Motivation Needed pt. 2

I'm not a food purist given one way or another in regards to my food lifestyle. I'm frugal, so I eat very simply and plainly and according to the seasons.

Many times my kids complain. I tell them, when your 18 you can move out, eat crap, and grow disease...but it ain't gonna happen on my shift! So eat! Or another option (on days when I feel kindly towards their complaints) is to remind them of our cookbooks and how I am quite positive they can cook a wonderful meal!

In the morning for breakfast I will drink my Jedi Drink (yesterday's pic) and eat an egg or two cooked in real butter. I'll load it up with whatever veggies are are in the fridge or garden. We had 18 chickens a few months ago, but I got rid of them. They had so much pasture they were all over the place and so was the crap! Gonna design a better home for my ladies so they are happy (they have always been happy) and that "I" am happy too! 😊

So far today I've had a Jedi Drink, 1 egg, a ton of water.