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Todays' Drive - No Motivation Needed!


No Motivation Needed!

We've all had difficulties with body image, exercising and eating right. I'm not sure any of us get to the place where we are never tempted to eat sugar or quit the gym.

Long ago I always had a book in my hand reading someone else's account of how they quit sugar or a book on how to attain a better exercise routine.

Now, I'm not saying we don't need peoples' stories...we do! We need guidance, we need motivation and encouragement. We all need help along the way. But I've come to the place now, where I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR MOTIVATION (at least in these areas). Either I'm gonna JUST DO IT, or not! I'm either gonna eat crappy or I'm not. I'm either gonna get toned and firm or I'm gonna be soggy!

I often want to visit 31 flavors, (cause its walking distance from my house), but I don't. I often want to cut my workout (cause my brain will say things like, you've done so good, your so consistent), but I don't.

If we want this certain quality of life, a prosperous, successful, healthy, rich in thankfulness and love type of life. Then we must, JUST DO IT whether we feel like it or not!

I guess you could say I have traded MOTIVATION for WILL POWER.

It is the PROCESS involved in the struggle of, "JUST DO IT," that refines us, grows us and brings us VICTORY. All you need is a few of those victories under your belt, and you too will soon find, "No Motivation Needed." I know you have it in you!!! ❤