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Today's Drive - Encouragement for Momma

Mother and Son

Dear Momma. Remember when you were full with child? Displaying a growing belly, beautiful glow, alive with energy and excitement?

When baby finally makes his appearance our life is turned upside down! The beautiful glow has been replaced with pale skin, bags under the eyes and a dwindling excitement! What we've anticipated for months has come! But our enthusiasm for mothering turns bitter sweet.

How do we activate that excitement that was there only a few weeks prior?

SHIFT OUR THINKING! Instead of thinking of motherhood as a drag, SURROUNDING ourselves with other women who are passionate about mothering is the best place to start! I had only 2 friends (and you are one of them Lisa 😊) who encouraged me in the art of mothering. I was crazy passionate about creating the best home for my husband and children, and my 2 friends were like minded and desired the same ideals in their life.

I also encouraged myself through reading books of old. Books which inspired women to embrace our feminine power in order bring out the best in our families.

Every flower or pretty weed we display in our home, every diaper changed, every kind word spoken to our partner, every meal made to nourish our family, can be completed with ENTHUSIASM! We can succeed at being FULLY PRESENT, FULLY ALIVE and completely engaged in the high calling of motherhood.

However motherhood looks for us...working outside the home, public school, homeschool, divorced, single. Let me remind us (cause I'm encouraging myself too!) that we CAN DO THIS! It's not too hard! We were made for this! We were made to nurture, embrace, listen, praise, laugh and love. We were made to be cheerleaders for our family! We were made to encourage our children that, YES, indeed they can accomplish what they desire!

I've been a mother for almost 23 years now. And yes, sometimes it is a tad bitter, but all in all, my minutes, hours, days, months and years have had more sweet than I'd imagine possible. I hope it is the same for you! And if not, you can always SHIFT YOUR THINKING! ❤