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Today's Drive - Monday?

Feeling depressed today? It's Monday, and Monday for me means looking at my bills, an empty fridge, a lawn that needs to be mowed, a house that needs cleaning, and a 16,000 gallon pool that needs tending! Ugh!!!

Well...what do us women do? Most will sit in front of the TV, eat sugar and cry. (And I myself did that this morning!)

But I made sure it was short lived, cause I reminded myself (cause who else do we have on our team who will cheer us on to victory?) what a bad ass I am.

I got off the computer, stopped eating chocolate, and stopped crying!

There are a MILLION reasons why we can be disappointed today! But will any of those reasons serve us? How will feeling bad serve to move us in the right direction?

I guess the only thing that will serve me in making my Monday better is to get my bad ass self up, clean the house, get dinner on the stove, pay my bills, and mow my yard.

Forest Trees

I'm getting to it, right now...better late than never! My Monday started crappy, but it's gonna finish with a GRAND FINALE!