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Today's Drive - Love vs. Religion

Peering into the Woods

Most religions have certain rules and regulations for the social relationships of its members. Our church taught us not to allow our children (as much as possible) contact with other religions, other non-believers, and even other denominations of the same religion. In fear (because religion controls with fear) I would think... "Other people don't have the values I hold to, they don't have the same God as I do, they let their children watch tv, they let their children have "outside" friends! Heavens sake, may that never happen to my family!" Those were my thoughts. About 10 years ago I had a few inklings that my beliefs were in error,'s just easier to keep on the same path as everybody else and tell yourself they are in error and not you! Ha! (Have you ever done this?) I found this certain religion about a year ago. At first it felt weird and was against much of what I had been taught. There are not many followers to date, but I sense this religion is catching on in popularity. The religion is called Love and it is such a beautiful belief system. It allows us to look past our differences and embrace the concept that we all are human! We all bleed, we all see, we all feel and we all want to be accepted and loved. Gay, African, European, Muslim, Jewish, agnostic. We all want to live and see our family and friends thrive! We want to be a blessing to our neighbors and those we meet only once who are less fortunate. One of the advantages of this religion is that there are no rules or regulations, no man to interpret holy books, no buildings that must be frequented. One of my sons said to me today... "Having a certain faith isn't what makes you a good person. It's your morality." Hmmm. My kids have brilliant thoughts! So if kids can figure this out...why can't we adults? Probably because of years and years of brainwashing. We are the "right religion" and everyone else is wrong. But with over 4,000 religions, we are the only right one and the other 3,999 are wrong? That's something to ponder on. I think I'll take my chances and subscribe to the religion of love. It embraces all the other 4,000 religions and is not biased or judgemental. And, I don't have to go anywhere, it's already in me. It's already in all of us! ❤️