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Today's Drive - Happiness…Where Does It Come From?

Meditation by the sea

There are times when I am not happy. They are rare and few and far in between though. My daughter Bekah said,

"It is my job to pop the bubble of people like you, and bring you back to reality."

That actually was a compliment!

So how do you acquire happiness? How do you acquire it in overflow so that it flows through your veins vitally feeding your being?

I'm sure there are thousands of books on just this topic! But I share this with you as a mom of 7.

~I DON'T LOOK FOR HAPPINESS, I GENERATE HAPPINESS! It is generated when I PRACTICE thankfulness! I thank the Creator for me! My eyes, my heart, my legs that carry me, my toilet, my children, my soap, and the list goes on...anything that is in my life I am thankful for. There are things in life that seem to deliver dire circumstances, at least not pleasant ones. In those cases I ask and look for the "bright side" to that situation, for there is always one!

I don't hang around others who are unhappy, PERIOD. If someone doesnt have a good word on their tongue, that's my red flag alert!

I attract others who are passionate about life, living, loving, and sharing it. And likewise, those people are attracted to me.

~I DON'T BACK DOWN, I INSTEAD PRESS IN! Bad things are gonna happen, it's just a part of life. But you and I are IN CONTROL of our emotions! We can put our head down and complain or PRESS IN. I choose to PRESS INTO happiness.

Ok, our toilet is flooding and another kid is on the other pot. Hmmm. Let's dig a hole and play Native American (true story). After 23 years of marriage I'm now divorced with no spousal support, but I must remember, I'm kick ass and can generate my own income (true story). Baby number 6 should have come by now, let me change positions...remembering that I was designed for birth, I generated my own kick ass power and brought forth Sophia (true story).

So when contrary circumstances present themselves I literally say (under my breath cause of the kids),

"Hell no, I'm not going this way!"

I refuse to give into those thoughts of hopelessness and fear. I spend extra time in meditation and thankfulness. Really, it's just a determination to choose to think on RIGHT THOUGHTS (I can, I will, I ought) and turn off wrong ones (I can't, I won't, I shouldn't).

Bekah's words,

"so I can bring you back to reality"

made me think. Am I really too happy? Hmmm. Maybe I am. But for now, I'm not letting her or anybody else, "Pop my bubble!"